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Due to my blog getting famous, one of my friends decided he wanted to do a weekly blog. Starting in the beginning of 2013 ZettaiRyouiki began discussing girls that he likes.


Thus, his character blog was created. There are differences in preferences, the main one being that he removed "face" for "voice" and swapped "breasts" with "butt". There are additional minor differences, but otherwise the structure of the blogs are the same. Like me, he decided to have an overarching story. His involves a group of females that he dislikes going after him (much like what I had done earlier). It is also traditional for him to have at least one girl from a mecha series each month. Zettai also often has very perverse interactions with his girls, such as asking them to dress up or giving their butts attention somehow. Finally, each opponent he faces usually has some type of relevance to the characters he discusses through the month, with them reappearing for a final showdown.

Unlike the earlier pages, a monthly summary is not provided. Also there was a big space of time between July 2016 and February 2017, with the only blog being a single Christmas one.

February Edit

ZettaiBlog 183: The Cutest Grim Reaper (Rory Mercury)

ZettaiBlog 184: Head in the clouds Witch (Makoto Kowata)

ZettaiBlog 185: Formerly Solitary Goumet (Kotori Iida)

ZettaiBlog 186: Night Rider (Aoi Niigaki)


ZettaiBlog 187: Maid of Ectoplasm (Airi)

ZettaiBlog 188: Nuts & Milk (Kurumi Mimino/Milky Rose)

ZettaiBlog 189: Sister Rivalry (Onihime)

ZettaiBlog 190: Happy Happist Witch (Aiko Senoo)

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