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This subject matter may contain information that some may consider naughty! Please use your own judgment when reading it.

Third year of ZettaiRyouiki's Harem Incidents, starting with blog 183.

ZettaiBlog 183 Rory MercuryEdit

  • After introducing herself Rory asks where the seat is, eventually sitting on Zettai's face. She also pulled her skirt up and revealed her thong as well. Katja then comments on how talented he is by saying he does things with his tongue that can't be shown in the blog, which Rory says she'll have to come back for.
  • Katja places glasses on Rory as well.

ZettaiBlog 184 Makoto KowataEdit

  • Zettai asks Makoto to inflate her ass, but sadly she could not. She was able to make a shrinking potion, which she makes and Zettai drinks. After being shrunk Katja places him into Makoto's pantyhose where he remained for the entire blog. Sadly he was taken out before Makoto could do anything not safe for blog.
  • Katja also comments that he likes "brown eyes" as well. She also tells Makoto that she can use the word "ass" too.

ZettaiBlog 185 Kotori IidaEdit

  • Zettai is still tiny, having spent the week shrunken and Katja says he used her ass for a bed. As he's still small when their food comes Kotori takes a seat on him, squishing him. Katja suggests that she put her full weight on the seat as well.
  • While still being sat on Zettai returns to his normal size. Kotori ends up facesitting him, and enjoys his moans. She eventually does get up, commenting that she hasn't bathed yet for extra stench.
  • Kotori puts on her glasses after Zettai mentions them, wearing them through the blog.
  • Kotori seems to enjoy the thought of naked apron, and Zettai suggests that he shakes her ass too. She also later suggests that she should have sat on a cake, which Zettai enjoyed the thought of.

ZettaiBlog 186 Aoi NiigakiEdit

  • Aoi stands up after going into an emo crouch but trips, ending up facesitting Zettai. She warns him not to sniff her ass (especially because she's sweaty from biking), but he does anyway and she enjoys it. Katja sadly tells Aoi to get up, saying Zettai should only sniff her ass today. Aoi also mentions that she wants to sniff Ami's ass.
  • Later on Katja takes Aoi to another room and changes her into cosplay. She shows off a waitress outfit and, under that, a Chinese dress. She wriggles around in the latter, saying it's embarrassing and indeed it shows her bare ass. Zettai approves.

ZettaiBlog 187 AiriEdit

  • Airi is hungry when she appears so she absorbs Zettai's life energy with a passionate kiss. He gets aroused. She also brings up the smelly cake from Topaz's blog as well and her body is still flat and assy.
  • After discussing eyes Airi puts on a pair of thick black glasses she got from Kimiko. Airi also later farts freely, knocking Chiaki out from the stench. Airi even comments that that was a small one.
  • Zettai is also able to touch her ass, likely fondling it well and saying that it's soft and big.

ZettaiBlog 188 Kurumi Mimino/Milky RoseEdit

  • After discussing eyes Katja surprises Kurumi with glasses, and since Zettai says they look good she keeps them on.
  • Kurumi also moons later shamelessly, making Zettai blush at her bare ass. She did it because she hates losing even at showing off ass.

ZettaiBlog 189 OnihimeEdit

  • Onihime is proud of her huge ass and moons casually. Zettai stares closely at it, admiring her brown ass greatly. He ends up going too close and Onihime ends up farting loudly against his face, causing Zettai to faint. Onihime says that the gas is caused by Setsubun beans she saved for a special occasion and ate today. Zettai wakes up and Onihime says she'll challenge Momoko to a fart contest later.
  • Later on Onihime says that she will dominate in any relationship.

ZettaiBlog 190 Aiko SenooEdit

  • Zettai says that glasses aren't only for shy girls, and as proof Katja places a pair on Aiko. She enjoys the new view.
  • Aiko says she indeed has a nice bum, saying she needs it for sitting. Zettai has a good joke and Aiko mentions that her butt smells terrible.

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