This subject matter may contain information that some may consider naughty! Please use your own judgment when reading it.

Second year of ZettaiRyouiki's Harem Incidents, starting with blog 105.

ZettaiBlog 105 Rei AyanamiEdit

  • Various girls wear swimsuits while at the beach. Many of them ask him to oil him in various ways as well: Yuno moves her pink thong bottom aside, Tomo pulls aside her blue sling swimsuit wedged deep into her giant butt, Kodama lowers her wedged sukumizu bottom, Tharja moves her black thong and burns another curtain, Sakura moves aside her red sling swimsuit, Takane somehow blows away her black bikini bottom, leaving her butt bare, Satsuki also pulls aside her white sling swimsuit, and Klan takes off her white bikini bottom to moon everyone with her Zentradi cheeks.
  • Akiko also proudly shows off her black bikini with a thong bottom. After that Zettai slides his oil-covered body all over Klan’s giant bare butt, leading Chiaki to say that even she would be excited by that. Katja mentions something about chiquitolina pills for giantess play.
  • Zettai asks about Ayanami's plugsuit. More specifically, what happens when she farts in it. She says it ferments and smells terrible, causing him to get a reaction.

ZettaiBlog 106 Chizuru NabaEdit

  • Chizuru moons Zettai when he mentions that she mainly has fanservice for Topaz.
  • When Zettai is depressed Katja slaps him to regain his senses. She also tells him she won't use him as a chair for a week, encouraging him to stand up against Chizuru.

ZettaiBlog 107 Minori KoganumaEdit

  • All of Zettai's girls use activate some action of the Hiroko Z, some of which are sexual (such as Takane's hip attack, Kuchinashi's rusting gas, and Sakura's Camel Clutch).
  • Suzuha gets Minori in a leg lock after kicking her down. She also puts a gun into her spats. When Minori tries to escape she loses her skirt.
  • Haruka uses her thong butt to hip-attack the mass-produced robots. Eva also wears a great black outfit.
  • Chizuru tries to attack Melody's magical cornhole, but fails. She then tries to break Melody's donut but Saras stops her by prodding her "third eye". Saras also uses this move to stop Minori as well.
  • The two girls shall be punished with spanking.

ZettaiBlog 108 Hina YumiharaEdit

  • Katja solves Hina's problem of not wearing glasses by putting thick red glasses on her.
  • After depressing Hina with a certain other Sunrise show Hina shows off her blue butt in striped panties. He screams out in Italian for a pun.
  • Katja uses Ririchiyo's box-of-fun to tease Zettai. She also wears a sexy thong-clad outfit while doing so. This includes slapping him and tying him to the bed. She also tells him that she ate a lot of beans while putting on her most sadistic face.

ZettaiBlog 109 Miyuki ShibaEdit

  • Miyuki welcomes her "Oniisama" Zettai with a hug. He becomes flustered. She also wonders if he'd like to be her slave, but Katja objects.
  • Later on Miyuki borrows a pair of glasses from Mizuki. She blushes from Zettai's compliments.
  • Miyuki shows off the red panties Topaz sent her, especially her backless pale butt. She then blows the beads with her Blizzard of Love "wind magic". It covers the room with an unpleasent odor but Zettai sniffs it all up.
  • Zettai tells her that he'd love Miyuki to be her chair all day and when she questions he says that imoutos facesit if they love him. She then goes and tries to prove it with Tatsuya.

ZettaiBlog 110 AkameEdit

  • Zettai wishes that Akame's butt would grow, but she gets embarrassed. He asks if that means that her butt is bare, but she proves it by mooning her spats.

ZettaiBlog 111 Mimori TougouEdit

  • Mimori puts on thick dark blue-framed glasses when they were talking about her former version also wearing glasses.
  • Zettai mentions that Katja needs milk because she's a growing girl. Her butt needs to grow, specifically.
  • She then questions Zettai's choice in words, leading to her sniper butt getting smacked and jiggles.

ZettaiBlog 112 Azusa NakanoEdit

  • Throughout the blog Katja and Mio refer to Zettai in many dominant words including "slave" and "pig". Azusa also tries her best with Mio's help, though she's not great at it.
  • Mio puts on her glasses to read a letter, but she shares with Katja and Azusa after Zettai talks about her eyes.
  • Zettai tries to pull up Azusa's skirt to peek at her panties, but Mio shoves a bowl in his face for that not asking. Katja mentions that her or Mio would "punish" him accordingly if he did it to them. Mio also mentions an Aldra cosplay while Katja talks about Nanael's jiggly butt.

ZettaiBlog 113 Yukiko AmagiEdit

  • Fear compliments Yukiko's butt, lifts Yukiko’s black skirt to show her red panties under her pantyhose butt, and then smacks it.
  • Fear latter trips and "accidentally" pulls down Yukiko's skirt as wel as pushing her onto Zettai. He grabs her to keep her from falling but grabs her supple buttcheeks (because they stuck out the most). To get him to remove his hands Yukiko kicks Zettai in the crotch.
  • Hinagiku throws a tantrum after something Zettai says, showing off her butt jiggle in spats. Fear then shows off her own striped panty bottom and Katja shows her great thong. Fear also smacks Yukiko's butt once more, but sadly Zettai doesn't get the opportunity to spank her or get another kick.
  • At the end Hinagiku scratches her butt again in front of her friends.

ZettaiBlog 114 Otoha SakuranoEdit

  • While talking Zettai gets landed on butt-first by Akane, Otoha, and Minna. Minna lands on his face while the other two fall on his crotch. Otoha feels "that" getting harder and thinks about chopping it off, but Minna realizes what's happening quick enough. Katja is worried that her slave may stray if this keeps up. He's disappointed when they get off, and requests them to sit longer.
  • When Zettai becomes depressed about not seeing girls exercising in buruma Minna, Akane, and Otoha show him their butts. He spanks them all in one movement, making their cheeks jiggle and the three moan. Minna even rubs her butt after.

ZettaiBlog 115 Takao Edit

  • Katja sits on Zettai's face, using his Butt-elemental absorption to heal his wound. She also teases that she sits on him while playing games. She also made him cheer up with a slapping later on.
  • Takao shoves her butt towards Zettai. As a defense he bites her meaty cheeks, causing her to jump forward in pain even if she enjoyed it.
  • Zettai hugs and rubs against Azusa for beating all the Robot Masters. When he tries the same with Katja she puts a leash on him. Yukiko also calls him a pig.
  • After Zettai stuns Takao with an Anger Strike Katja starts spanking her for a punishment. She also rubs her butt after Katja stops.
  • When Otoha leaves Zettai stares at her suit-covered butt.

ZettaiBlog 116 Caitlin/Cattleya Edit

  • Caitlin nuzzles up against Zettai in her bed, which paralyzes him. She then falls asleep, but he wakes her up with a butt-fondling (and she farts as well). She then releases a few more unladylike and loud farts and teleports outside to force him to smell her gas. After a short time she returns and sits on him, trying to hide him under the sheets from Katja. Katja gets a plan but pushes Caitlin off using a hip attack. He lies and says he hated it, but Katja catches his lie.
  • After the blog Caitlin traps Zettai with her psychic hair. She then bounces her butt against his face forcibly, but sadly this doesn't get her a better score.
  • By losing in the battle Caitlin decides to punish Zettai. She shrinks him with psychic powers and warps him into her butt (or moreso the back of her panties). He fondles and bites so she gets help from Katja to let out a point-blank fart. Poison and other Pokémon jokes abound. After he faints Caitlin takes him out and hands his small body to Katja. Katja then slips him into her thong for safekeeping.

ZettaiBlog 117 Bertille Althusser Edit

  • Zettai begins by staring at Bertille's exposed upper thighs. After a bit of arguing she makes him be her horse for the joust battle. She sits her thong butt on his back and he tries to hide his arousal. The two argue a bit more, with Bertille scissorholding him. She also does this later in the blog as well.
  • Before the battle Bertille uses her ass to guide Zettai to the grounds. Half the stadium of onlookers were jealous and booed them. Bertille tells Zettai he MIGHT be her thong if she wins, encouraging him to move faster. She wins and tries to get out of it, but allows him to shove his face in her crack. He accidentally squeezes her waist too much, causing her flatulence to escape. He also enjoyed it. She doesn't put her thong back up until after he leaves.

ZettaiBlog 118 Cecilia Alcott Edit

  • Katja comforts Zettai but then slaps him. A bit later in their conversation Cecillia lands on him, buttdropping on his face. Laura and char bring up a conversation about her big butt and it's gassiness. Not only that, but Cecillia lets one out right on his face. She eventually gets up off of him, with more sexy dialogue.
  • Zettai touches Char's butt and then gets a passionate kiss from Laura.
  • Zettai slaps Cecilia's butt. Laura, Char, and Katja all spank her, making her butt jiggle a lot. They stop when she warns them she might do "something else".
  • Katja knees Zettai in the crotch for an overly Spanish joke. Laura and Char kick him as well, but Cecillia knocks him up by slamming her butt against his face.

ZettaiBlog 119 Sernia Iori Flameheart Edit

  • Katja starts the blog wanting to butt sumo. As a result she buttpunches Kodama, Matsurika, and Sernia and challenges them all to butt sumo. Sadly Zettai couldn't get between them.
  • When Sernia accepts Zettai becomes excited and gets slapped by Kodama and Matsurika. Katja and Sernia prepare by lowering their skirts, exposing their sexy underwear (in Katja's case) or sling swimsuit (in Sernia's case). They punch Zettai away with their butts as he's staring. They they battle, but with a last-minute push Katja manages to beat Selnia. Selnia, now butt-up, curses how embarrassing this pose was but as she does so she rips a huge unladylike fart that causes her swimsuit to rip. Zettai hugs her butt as a result, but he gets pushed aside and beaten up by the other three.
  • Later on Zettai hugs her curls, but as he grinds against her bare bottom Matsurika pushes her aside and repairs the destroyed swimsuit.
  • Sernia is interested in Zettai approving of her being on top as well as enjoying her flatulence.

ZettaiBlog 120 Minori Nakazawa Edit

  • When Cecilia and Sernia fight they start butt punching each other.
  • Minori challenges the ojous to a battle of farm proportions. She starts by changing into a cow bikini with a tail on the thong bottom while Cattleya wears a white sukumizu. They then plant seeds which Cattleya wins. Zettai celebrates by spanking her, but she grabs his crotch with psychic powers and throws him.
  • Bertille mounts Zettai as a "goat" and wears her battle thong. Minori wears her gym uniform to battle (as well as a pot helmet).
  • For the third battle the Minoris wear bikinis with thong bottoms (black and green respectively). Cecilia wears a blue string bikini while Sernia wears a red one. They then wrestle in mud, using Kinnikuman attacks.
  • As is custom, Katja spanks Minori's butt for losing.

ZettaiBlog 121 Iori MinaseEdit

  • Takane throws off her waitress costume to reveal her Kisaragi-mecha show costume. Iori follows with her version and Zakuro transforms. Katja puts on her sexy superheroine outfit including mask too. Katja and Iori both slap him and order him to continue the blog.
  • Takane wants to fire butt beams but Zakuro points out her butt already emits "deadly fumes".
  • After a Spanish conversation Katja gets angry that the only things she knows are how to make Zettai worship her. Iori seems to want to try after the blog.
  • After he's done Iori calls him a PIG and they all give him a reward, sitting on his back (including Takane whose big butt barely fit). Iori also makes him oink as well. He barely endures until after Iori gives him information on Gluttony, but falls shortly after. Takane says her butt makes her count as double, spanking her cheeks and making them jiggle. The girls also go back into their maid outfits.

ZettaiBlog 122 Melona Edit

  • Menace, Paradox, and Melona all kidnap Zettai to dominate him. First Menace kicks his side, Paradox punches his stomach and slaps him, and Melona knees his crotch. They then hold him down and Melona gives him a hip bomber with her bare butt. He squirms from the odor but Gemini nibbles his ear and Menace stomps his crotch for punishment. After Melona starts to inflate her butt until it engulfs Zettai's head, then releases the stored gas in his favorite manner, the other girls waving their hands so they won't smell it. He nearly faints from the infernal stench. Paradox and Menace also discuss their gas as well.
  • The fart lead Katja to them too. She asks Melona for some soma, but Zettai keeps her from doing so. Melona melts Katja's outfit down to her black camisole and frilly thong. Melona apologizes by becoming Katja's dress, with an additional inflated butt. She nearly crushes Zettai before the other girls remind him of his blog.
  • Melona moans a bit from her rabbit ears getting teased. Later on Melona becomes a giantess and crushes Zettai with her abundant butt. Sadly it doesn't last long.
  • Melona also transforms herself into a waist-up loli and calls him "Oniisama". She also teases that she can't hold in her sweet potatoes anymore. He plays along unconsciously. Katja takes notes.
  • At the end the girls get distracted by attacking each other. Menace attacks Paradox with a hip attack who spanks her as a counter, but Melona spanks Paradox right back. Using this Zettai and Katja escape, with Katja riding his back.

ZettaiBlog 123 Kate Hoshimiya/Lady VeneraEdit

  • Katja and Venera argue, with Katja pointing out her big soft butt. Venera has Galaktika flick it, presumably making it jiggle. She calls it "hers" but Katja corrects Zettai by saying her butt owns him. Venera then shows off her smaller but bouncy cheeks too, but Zettai is not easily swayed (even with the Russian name and Venera listing off various ways to satisfy her).
  • Katja mocks Venera for not being proud of her flatness, fondling her DFC while the loli squirms. Katja also mentions that Venera is smaller than her and Venera checks to make sure. Katja mentions that her bum is bigger which is more important. Later on she takes notes about wearing a thong like Ivy.
  • After the blog Venera butt-attacks Zettai and sits on his face. She then claims him as her own, but Katja sits on his face and eventually buttsumos her off (thanks to Zettai's moans).
  • Katja cuddles up against Zettai and he pets her cutely while swearing allegiance.

ZettaiBlog 124 Chitoge KirisakiEdit

  • Chitoge refuses to facesit Zettai, but Katja pushes them over. Despite physics Chitoge ends up facesitting him. She gets off, even with Zettai wanting her to stay on.
  • Later on Katja slaps Zettai a few times.
  • Lady Venera makes her appearance by landing on Zettai. Katja orders her off but Venera just wraps her legs around him. Katja then joins, as does Iori and Melona, but Zettai can't take that and falls over.
  • Chitoge faces Melona to an eating contest. Melona sits her fat butt to eat and consumes the entire meal in one big cartoonish gulp. The food all goes to her butt and expands it to the point where the chair she's sitting on breaks.
  • As is custom, Katja spanks Chitoge's butt for losing. It lasts a bit longer than usual as she enjoyed it, rubbing her swollen butt afterward.

ZettaiBlog 125 Tamaki KawazoeEdit

  • Katja makes a "smell" and isn't sorry, but Zettai was speaking of the sweaty kendo girls as they enter.
  • Katja teases by saying Zettai should ask to have them step on his face. He doesn't want to be so forward, but still starts the blog. After talking about the Sadogers Tamaki is curious so Katja convinces her to step on Zettai's face. She complies as does Shouko (though Shouko is first), and he sniffs and licks their feet.
  • Shigure stops his "pandering" but as a reward for putting up with terrible shows she forces him to kiss her butt. She presses her mooning fundoshi bottom against his face too. He loves the smell and flabbiness, though eventually pushes his face out.
  • Katja says that men are made to serve women's butts, and Tamaki seems interested. Shouko also slips red thick-framed glasses on Tamaki.
  • Before the battle Zettai breathes the scent of girl sweat from the armor he borrows.

ZettaiBlog 126 Botan OohagiEdit

  • When Zettai opens the club door and enters Botan gets him in a Camel Clutch. Zettai enjoys it, but Katja explains to her what's going on. Botan then releases him. She also does a spinning bird kick, showing everyone her panties and butt.
  • Eva calls Zettai "Oniisama" and also hints about Botan having "explosive distractions. Later on Eva also puts thick red glasses on Botan.

ZettaiBlog 127 Yuuna Yuuki Edit

  • Yuuna thinks about summoning Gyuuki for a certain trick, but Katja whispers another idea. She then places her cow-like mascot on a chair and sits down using a "HERO HIP DROP!". Zettai stares and says he'd love to be a magical girl mascots. Katja mentions that's just because he wants to spend his days rubbing the girl's butt and Mimori nosebleeds at the thought. She also flusters when Yuuna asks her innocently.
  • Tsubasa shows off her adult miracle buttocks, lifting her skirt and showing off her blue thong. Mimori then does the same, flashing her black backless panties. Yuuna nosebleeds.
  • Mimori has glasses to go around. She puts a thick black pair on herself and hands a thick red pair to Yuuna, who then puts it on. Both look great, and Tsubasa gets thick dark blue glasses. Mimori also hands her a pair of thick black glasses for Chris.
  • Yuuna tells an incredibly sexy story about when she ripped her spats. Mimori then tried to "help" with two fingers, "nothing suspicious".
  • Yuuna spanks Mimori's butt who is only offended that they're doing it in front of people. Mimori may have became more excited as a result. Tsubasa almost said something naughty and Katja is glad to be with other yuri girls. Later on Mimori surprises Yuuna with a kiss.
  • Zettai enters the New World Discovery Club and finds Mitsuki with her pants down. Literally. And her striped panties are barely containing her big bum too.

ZettaiBlog 128 Sohara MitsukiEdit

  • Mitsuki has the monthly girls fight in a special wrestling ring. They all wear cosplay, with Mitsuki in a Chinese video game girl's outfit, Botan in a DBZ gi, Tamaki as Brave Blader, and Yuuna in her regular version with Fate Testarossa (the latter complete with wedgie).
  • The ring also has the girls lose clothing instead of take damage. Botan misses at one point and ends up in a familiar pose, showing off her fundoshi-clad butt. Tamaki nearly defeats Mitsuki, dropping her only down to her thong and pantyhose, but she's able to recover and uses an attack that leaves Botan in her sarashi and fundoshi, Yuuna in a black thong and bra, and Tamaki in her tight black bodysuit.
  • Yuuna uses Meteor combination, but her butt was up in the air to show her thong-clad butt. Tamaki then takes her down to about her fundoshi, but she covers up her chest with her arm. The heroes win by using Athena Exclamation. After an Anger Strike Katja gives Mitsuki the required spanking of defeat. Mitsuki enjoys it as her butt jiggles.

ZettaiBlog 129 Tenri Ayukawa Edit

  • Katja starts off the blog by kicking Zettai in the crotch while barefoot. Later on Diana also slaps him for not explaining things well.
  • Mai puts on her glasses to appeal to Topaz. She also gives some to Tenri later on and gives Anaru backless panties (to emphasize her best trait). Presumably she put them on.
  • Diana thinks of a plan to put on a tiny thong and moon Keima with it, but Tenri refuses cutely. Anaru also helps out in a silly way as well.
  • After the blog Katja returns and rides Zettai to their next location. Diana wishes for a guy to ride and Mai thinks it would be fun too. Anaru wonders if she means cowgirl but Tenri thinks they're both perverse.

ZettaiBlog 130 Sekai Saionji Edit

  • Sekai appreciates Zettai's true love so much she offers to kiss him. He mentions he'd rather kiss her other "pucker" as well, but kisses her anyway. She stabs him as a joke, but as he writhes in (fake) pain Katja suggests that Sekai facesit him. She continues to sit for some time, with Zettai moaning underneath, and Katja mentions "assphyxiation". Eventually Zettai surprises Sekai by kissing her "pucker" over the panties and she seems to enjoy it (though Katja is jealous). Sekai then gets up.
  • Ume puts on glasses for a joke I don't get. After Zettai hugs her, Sekai, and Nemu and proclaims his love. Nemu also hugs him later as well.
  • Ume slaps Zettai in a sexy fashion. A few times, and Nemu joins with an enjoyable knee-to-the-crotch as well.
  • Sekai shows off her panty-clad butt though Zettai would prefer if it was bigger. Sekai then explains all the problems she'd have with a bigger tush but it only makes Zettai more attracted. Later on she also puts his hands on her butt as "thanks".

ZettaiBlog 131 Rikantz Seaberry Edit

  • After Zettai opens the door Ritz shows off her sukumizu body as well as her top hat an thighhighs. She then hugs Zettai before introducing herself. Katja complains even if she slaps him more. Ritz gives him a butt-focused "GOD SCRUB", causing him to faint and insulting his "front tail".
  • Ritz then brings out her assistants Lacus and Rain. Both are wearing skintight fighting suits, and after Katja makes a comment Lacus shows off her and Rain's assets. Lacus then uses "EXPLOSIVE GOD SCRUB" and Rain "DOUBLE GOD SCRUB", with a scene so hot it was removed from the blog for censorship reasons.
  • Ritz is confused about what butts are so Zettai gives an example by pointing at Rain and Lacus's. Lacus is thankful.
  • At the end of the blog Ritz and her allies perform their ultimate combination attack of "TRIPLE BUTT FINGER", knocking Zettai out again. Lacus also follows Rain after she leaves, saying that she can't get out of her suit unless the butt area rips again.

ZettaiBlog 132 Homura Akemi Edit

  • This is one of the lowest amounts of fanservice, with Zettai only falling face-first against Homura's pantyhose-clad bottom. She then kicks him away. Later on she does put on her epic glasses.

ZettaiBlog 133 Hiyori Kotobuki Edit

  • Katja makes a comment and Hiyori asks Zettai to eat her butt, showing it off and shaking it.
  • Later on Sekai says that her worldly butt won't weigh her down. Ritz questions if big butts are good or bad things (they're good).
  • Meanwhile Inami, Nodoka, Naru, and Sena all get defeated. However, by ejecting they show off their bare butts. The same thing happens to Mitsuki, Minori, Takao, and Chitoge after they're defeated by the GoLion.
  • Hiyori mocks the size of Zettai/Golion's sword and Katja says that's just how she likes them.
  • Ritz presses the Hi-ERo Particles Mode button. It causes her, Sekai's, Tenri's, and Homura's chairs to rise up and get holes in them. The seats move in such a way that they're all aiming at Zettai's face. A robotic hand then rubs their stomachs, causing the four to fart and give Zettai more energy.
  • After Zettai's heroic sacrifice Katja punishes Hiyori accordingly with really hard spankings. She likes it but questions how she can spank a ghost (though Katja had a good answer).

ZettaiBlog 134 Liliane/Hime Edit

  • Hime puts Zettai to work cleaning the floor. While doing it she sits on his back, squishing her big butt against him. She smiles as it makes him clean faster.
  • She happened to have thick framed black glasses lying about so she slips them on. She then glares at Zettai through them.
  • Hime teases Zettai with another "weapon", using her big butt to ram against Zettai's face. She then sits on his lap for the rest of the blog.
  • Later on Hime mocks Zettai, getting off his lap to slap him. She then forces him to lick BOTH of her smelly feet, removing her boots and then calling him a pet once he finishes. She even puts a leash on him too.
  • After the blog Hime places Zettai's head on her seat and uses him as a chair for hours while reading a book and getting notes to people. Zettai becomes aroused and Hime laughs sadistically. After that she gets up and after she leaves he gets trapped inside Reiri's skirt.

ZettaiBlog 135 Reiri Kamura Edit

  • Reiri appears in the blog to bite Zettai's neck and drink his blood. His blood rushes "elsewhere" too. After that she flies up and places her butt against Zettai's face, where he then embraces her. She pushes him down to facesit him as well before giving him some "air". After that she gets up and he starts her blog.
  • Reiri teases Zettai with her silky hair and puts on thick-framed glasses for additional appeal. She also does a Homura hair flip. Next she teases him with the thought of sitting on his face while eating spicy garlic ramen.
  • Reiri teases her finger up Zettai's chest before leaving and returning in a supportive if deeply-wedged sling swimsuit, showing off her butt well. She then sits on his crotch with her butt in plain view. After discussing her clothing she mentions all the costumes that Hime got her to tease Zettai with.
  • Later on Reiri does a buttslam on Zettai's crotch, which he loved. She even teases "that" nearly with her hand.
  • After the blog is finished Reiri brings out a birthday cake for Zettai and sits on it with a "Meteor strike", dirtying the room slightly. She also has him lick her butt clean, and she compliments his face for doing a good job.
  • When Riza appears she does so with a flying butt attack, hitting Zettai with her spats-covered bottom.

ZettaiBlog 136 Riza Wildman Edit

  • Riza is proud that she smacked Zettai with her butt, spanking herself proudly. Later on she puts him in a Boston Crab, pulling on his legs. He loves it, despite saying otherwise, so she grinds her spats butt harder on his back.
  • Riza allows Zettai to touch her wolf ears and puts on thick-framed sunglasses (though with clear lenses).
  • Riza is mad that people didn't tell her her crack is showing. She hip attacks Zettai as punishment for calling it a "nice gift" and pins him down, calling it smelly as well. She forced him to continue in this position.
  • Later on Riza puts Zettai in a scissorhold, pulling on his arm while rubbing her smelly feet on his face. She then promises more later on.
  • After the blog Riza puts Zettai in a reverse scissorhold. She presses her butt against his face before pulling his legs up, facesitting him sorta. She pulls so hard that he's brought to the brink, but she ends once she notices his "small banana".
  • Sherwood steps on his face once Riza leaves. She also calls him "Oniisama" and brings a cake from Topaz's previous blog.

ZettaiBlog 137 Sherwood von PhoenixEdit

  • Sherwood presents Zettai with a cake Topaz (but mostly Hazuki and Riri) made for him. Before he can eat it she kicks him in the crotch after showing her feet and makes him fall on his knees. Once there she forces him to lick her smelly, sweaty feet, which he does so with enthusiasm. After he praises her family she pins him down and rests her rank feeton his face.
  • Sherwood also places on the same type of glasses as well as mocks Zettai for his tastes.
  • Sherwood dislikes how Zettai didn't give her a good buttscore and tells him to gaze into her imoutoshiri moon. She also places her buttcheeks against his face, but he only counts show material so she gets angry and flips him onto his back before sitting on his back.
  • Sherwood praises Zettai for being so loyal to her feet and butt. She also rubs her flat chest against his face, which he enjoys.
  • After the blog Sherwood gives Zettai his cake reward. She also ties up his hand, forcing him to place his face against it to eat. She also sits on his nape, forcing him further and insulting him when he eats it faster. He even gets excited from it.
  • Katja and Chiaki return to get Zettai back. Sadly Katja's idea for a buttjob duel is shot down by Chiaki. Katja then places a leash on him and he carries her and Chiaki back. He marches into the sunset with them as well.

ZettaiBlog 138 Saori Kido/AthenaEdit

  • Saori wants to convince Zettai to get in gear to save Spain. He refuses so Katja whispers plans in her ear. As a result Saori treats Zettai as a slave and gets pushed down. In addition she pulls up her skirt, sits on his face, and, with Katja's help, lets out a huge fart on his face. She calls this improper, but Katja reminds her about Palutena. Saori gets up when Chiaki reminds her.
  • Later on Zettai talks about Saori showing her hidden "brown eye" but Saori calls that improper behavior. Zettai also talks about her maybe having anal (due to Greek being a pun for that in Spain), but she also refuses that.
  • Zettai mentions that Saori isn't like Medaka who has feminine butt attacks. She's reminded of Marika (from Nisekoi) and Mikan (from TLR) wanting to do a butt attack. Katja thinks of the attack from Street Fighter V with Rainbow Mika and Nadeshiko smacking butts together, but Chiaki is boring and refuses to do it with her.

ZettaiBlog 139 Haruhi SuzumiyaEdit

  • Haruhi starts by taking Katja and Chiaki and putting them in cosplay. She wears a brown bunnygirl costume with a thong bottom and puts Katja in a naked apron while Chiaki wears a sukumizu with a butt that constantly wedges up. Haruhi shakes her hips at Zettai saying that cosplays are fun while Katja does the usual femdom ritual (the gorilla mating dance). Chiaki continues to fix her sukumizu.
  • As she knows glasses moe Haruhi puts thick glasses on herself and promises that the world will be full of girls in glasses thanks to her help. Katja mentions that girls should have gases too.
  • Zettai jokes that Haruhi should purge the world with her gas but she can't fart that hard. Further inquiry reveals that she farts a lot in the club room and now has to wear backless panties for that reason.
  • Katja asks if Haruhi wants to be a sadist with her, abusing Zettai together. Haruhi agrees and mentions blindfolds, but the plan is ruined as Zettai would know their butts anyway if they facesat him.

ZettaiBlog 140 Kyouka Midarezaki Edit

  • After hearing Zettai talk about cat ears both Katja and Chiaki put some on. Kyouka suggests getting a tail but Katja declines as Zettai prefers having the "tail hole" clear. Kyouka seems interested in using that one as well.
  • Later on Zettai praises Kyouka so she shakes her spats butt proudly.
  • Kyouko decides to lead Zettai and his assistants to the giantess, taking the loli hands. He points out that she was forgetting someone but Kyouko grabs his neck with her tail and holds his head against her butt. He squirms from the tail and soft bottom. Once they reach their destination he falls on her butt and bounces before landing poorly. He still enjoyed her butt on his face.

ZettaiBlog 141 Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi Edit

  • Tsukiko tries to move away from Zettai staring at her butt, but trips and falls on him. Sadly he could not get the umbrella out (a reference to Topaz's previous blog) as she stood up too quickly. She also later nearly stomps on him wearing just striped stockings for legwear, but Kyouka saves him. Kyouka dodges the multiple attacks too.
  • Zettai tells Katja to drop a certain gaming issue so she punishes him by promising a gassy meal for herself. He fakes worry and Chiaki requests nose and earplugs.
  • Tsukiko has the Blog Legacy effect her, her giant loli butt shaking as she flails around.

ZettaiBlog 142 Kaoruko Sazaki Edit

  • After Zettai fails to defeat Kaoruko she humiliates him further by sitting on his borrowed Gunpla. She crushes it easily only for her minions to catch her doing so. She apparently has done this before as well.
  • Later on Kaoruko puts on thick black glasses to make her look smarter. She also mentions the pride she has for having a generous tushie. She proves her support by spanking her butt and ojou laughing.
  • Kaoruko somehow trips and lands on all fours with her fat pantyhose rump fully exposed.
  • Kaoruko also wants to shut Zettai up and gets an idea from Katja. Then Kaoruko's minions pin Zettai down with arm scissorholds and Kaoruko silences him by buttdropping his face. He enjoys her fat middle school ojou bottom. She also says she has fun beating him up in Gunpla and physically.

ZettaiBlog 143 Aeka Jurai MasakiEdit

  • When Aeka says Katja has no manners the gothloli girl scratches her butt. After a bit Aeka summons her guardians so Katja thinks she's evil and brings her over her knee. She then spanks Aeka who secretly enjoys it. She even squirms in pleasure.
  • Zettai talks about Aeka's butt as part of her blog so she's flustered and covers it. Katja and him then convince her to show her butt as a sign of love. She's also flustered when Zettai speaks about her wearing thongs (and Katja explains it further), but thinks she might want to try them.

ZettaiBlog 144 Leopard Edit

  • After (successfully) introducing herself Leopard leaps off a her high spot and lands butt-first on Zettai's head. She then continues to facesit him and he squirms, but when he bites her butt she lets out a fart in surprise. She then gets up and calls him a pig.
  • Later on, while contemplating wearing glasses Aeka hits Leopard in the butt with a laser. Some time later in the battle she gets her revenge by finger flicking Aeka's noble posterior. Leopard also taunts her by giving her a red eye and smacking her own butt.
  • Leopard decides, after a stalemate battle, that her and Aeka will do buttsumo. Leopard charges first, and Aeka hits so that the butts clash and jiggle so much it nearly destroys the universe. Aeka slips and loses as Leopard uses that chance.

ZettaiBlog 145 Honoka Yukishiro/Cure WhiteEdit

  • Zettai agrees with Honoka and says that Cures need both guts and huge butts. He then fondles her behind, which she secretly enjoys. Slightly later Katja also mentions that Leopard ripped one in the prior blog. Honoka mentions that she farts for Black while she smells her smelly feet, getting slightly distracted.
  • Cure White uses a powerful butt punch on Leopard. Zettai gets jealous and asks for one, but Katja says that's her job and butt punches him. He loves it lots.

ZettaiBlog 146 Ichiko Sakura Edit

  • Ichiko tries for the fanservice she's known for but it is not accepted and light beams appear.
  • After the blog Katja slaps Zettai for not fighting Ichiko back, though he likes it. Ichiko then goes into the bathroom to "build her Gunpla", which Katja comments on. It's even funnier when she makes some loud noise.
  • When Ichiko loses the Gunpla battle Katja punishes her with the traditional spanking, making it extra long to show how hated Ichiko is.

ZettaiBlog 147 Yaya Edit

  • Yaya greets Zettai with a hug. She then introduces herself and asks for a blog, putting Zettai's hands upon her bottom. He says he can't write this way so Yaya instead sits on his lap hard.
  • Yaya attempts to fart (baring her butt and grunting) but is unable, citing Chiaki complaining to be the reason.
  • After the blog Yaya thanks Zettai by pinning him down. She then pulls her skirt up and does a "Yaya Hip Drop", slamming her behind against his face.
  • Yaya celebrates joining the group by showing her butt off plenty while dancing around Zettai.

ZettaiBlog 148 Ohana Matsumae Edit

  • Katja calls Zettai a dirty lolicom slave.
  • Katja later calls spanking one of P.A.Works's noble traditions and slaps Ohana's butt without shame. She enjoys it so Zettai joins, making her enjoy it even further. Yaya wants spanks too but Chiaki stops her.
  • Ohana suggests that all their waitresses should moon the customers. Zettai approves but is Fujioka-ed. Ohana bends over and still shakes her butt with great fun.
  • After finishing her blog Zettai comforts Ohana with another spanking. She leaves to do the same to Minko and Nako.

ZettaiBlog 149 Ayumi Sakagami/Cure EchoEdit

  • Early on Katja calls Zettai her slave.
  • After Zettai presses Cure Echo into fighting she suggests Buttsumo. She first faces Yaya, who pulls up her skirt to show off black backless panties. Echo then reveals her tight white spats and the sumo starts. Yaya pushes with her ample perky buttcheeks, but Echo is able to defeat her with a PreCure Butt Punch.
  • Echo then challenges Ohana, who takes off her work kimono to reveal her sports bra and striped panties, as well as her sweaty body. The two girls get in position and Ohana tries to push, but Echo's butt punch is too powerful for her as well.

ZettaiBlog 150 Unchou Kan’u Edit

  • Kan'u battles Cure Echo as promised. Kan'u shows off her black thong first and talks about how Rinrin taught her a lot about it, and Echo places her spats-clad butt against Kan'u's. The battle begins, with Echo bouncing off Kan'u's great butt and the taller girl's huge bottom easily knocking Echo away. Kan'u even reminds people of how full her butt is.
  • After the battle Katja takes Echo over her knee and spanks the villain. Echo enjoys it, but after the spankings she rubs her probably red and swollen butt and runs off. Zettai names Kan'u the winner and fondles her butt.
  • Kan'u does various things between blog points. This includes letting her hair down, putting on a butterfly mask (which she then hides against her butt when she puts on proper thick-framed glasses), Katja enjoying a "meal", putting on an open cleavage sweater, and Zettai convincing Kan'u to call Topaz her otouto.
  • For butt-specific areas, Kan'u peaches Zettai with her huge butt. Katja calls that her job, though Kan'u's butt smells fresher. Kan'u also orders him to continue on with the blog like this, giving Ohana the idea to have Minko do that to her.
  • When discussing virginity Yaya suggests using anal to protect bad fetishes. Ohana also suggests having boyfriends use the "brown flower" for more romance.

ZettaiBlog 151 Mercelida Ygvar Edit

  • When Mercelida arrives the camera focuses on her thong-wearing butt when she lands. She also hugs him, teasing him due to his lack of experience. She even puts his hand against her bottom to fluster him further.
  • Mercelida also flusters Zettai when petting him. She also reveals that succubi can be fed anally which excites him. She also calls herself a queen and ends up facesitting Zettai, pinning him down. Katja then suggests that she rip one, with Mercelida following with a grunt and doing just that. He ends up excited.
  • Later on Mercelida says that Lotte will suck Naoya dry which both Zettai and Katja call Zettai's dream. Mercelida suggests her other daughter Asuha instead, but Zettai dislikes her adult form and passes.
  • After the blog Mercelida hands Zettai a letter she was keeping between her soft buttcheeks.

ZettaiBlog 152 Saki Hyuuga Edit

  • Zettai gets caught touching Saki's butt, and he's forced to remove it.
  • Saki shows Zettai a new move she learned from Tsubomi, the butt-punch. She smashes his face with her middle school bum, which he enjoyed but he says it doesn't count for the blog.
  • After defeating a ninja Saki does sexy self-spanks in celebration.

ZettaiBlog 153 Chihaya Kisaragi Edit

  • Early on Chihaya talks about their previous meeting in Topaz's blog. Katja brings up the "song" they all sang together, keeping Chiaki innocent.
  • Chihaya accepts Zettai doing her blog as he respects flatness. Katja proves it by pushing his face against Chihaya's chest, which he instantly enjoys and blushes from. Chihaya slowly pushes her away from her modest bust, but overall it motivates him to blog harder.
  • After talking about eyes Chihaya puts on a pair of thick red-framed glasses that she got from Topaz.
  • Chihaya talks about thongs like Takane wears, but Katja says that they're just wedged up her fat bum. Zettai says that all girls should wear thongs, which Chihaya says she has covered and lifts her skirt slowly to show off. Zettai stares and as punishment Chiaki Fujiokas him. Fortunately because of this he falls face first on Chihaya's exposed butt, and she comments that with all his moaning she may "sing" again. Zettai moved before she could, even if he'd love it.
  • Chihaya mentions that Takane's huge butt makes her envious and Chiaki brings up that being the reason she knew Takane wore thongs. She also specifically denies wanting to bury her face in Takane's ample rear.
  • After the blog Chihaya hugs Zettai with love as thanks. He's so overcome that he faints. After that Chihaya takes out an envelope from her flat chest, kept hidden by willpower.

ZettaiBlog 154 Aila JyrkiäinenEdit

  • After introducing herself Aila slaps Zettai repeatably for waiting a year to talk about her. Katja mentions that she'd be great if she could teach Aila femdom ways, but Chiaki stops her.
  • Aila puts on thick black glasses, saying she got them from an icy imouto. She also shows them off as well.
  • Zettai has a discussion on why Aila should sit on a cake (as then he would eat it). She even calls her bum pale, hip attacking Zettai when he seems overly enthusiastic.
  • After the blog Zettai subtly touches Aila's butt, though she catches him. He still continues, though.

ZettaiBlog 155 Masuzu NatsukawaEdit

  • After discussing Masuzu's butt she shows it off, considering it a large one and saying he'll never get it.
  • When she is defeated Katja puts Masuzu over her knees and starts spanking her. As usual she enjoys it, which Zettai comments on and she eventually gets a red and swollen bum.

Zettaiblog 156 Ayase AragakiEdit

  • When Ayase is distracted Katja flips her skirt up, revealing a white thong. Though it was just to check for mind control blocking panties Ayase says that thongs are fine. Sadly after the blog she's still prevented from siding with him too easily.
  • Ayase gets irritated by Zettai's words and butt punches him hard.
  • After losing the debate Ayase throws a tantrum and shows off her thong butt more. Katja still spanks her, as is tradition, and Ayase also enjoys it.

Zettaiblog 157 Rosemary ApplefieldEdit

  • While Chiaki was captive Rosemary gloated and fantasized. This included walking around in her nighties with no panties and her bum visible.
  • Rosemary demands respect, but Katja says that her butt deserves more. She also says her slave gives it respect every night. This causes Rosemary to moon Zettai without shame and orders him to kiss her. He refuses.
  • During the battle between Rosemary and Chiaki the latter leaps high and attacks with a diving buttslam. Katja sneak attacks her with spankings, but Rosemary isn't affected (well, she does enjoy it, but it doesn't finish the battle). Rosemary then tries another high buttdrop, but Zettai hits her in the butt with an anger strike.