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Prior to the days of Perfect Harem Anime for Topaz and Zettai they both decided to write for the other. They still write using these characters, though in a more restricted format. The name of this series is "Imouto no Ecchi na Oshiri" (shortened to 妹尻, "ImoShiri").

These are Zettai's characters. If you would like to see Topaz's, click here.

Zettai enjoys flat chests, big butts, flatulence, and dominant girls.


Zettai KuronaEdit

  • Age: 22 (age 14 physically)
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hairstyle: Short
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Voice: Tomokazu Sugita
  • FE Class: Pirate -> Berserker
  • Cosplay: Bullet (SRW)
  • Birthday: August 13th
  • Personality: Zettai likes mecha anime and is a gamer. He also enjoys playing with his imoutos (younger sisters) Hiroko and Asuho and comes up with many experiments such as growth potions or shrink pills. Also made a giant robot version of Hiroko called the Hiroko-Z. He teaches middle school at an all-girls school as foreign language teacher, specializing in Spanish.

Hiroko KuronaEdit

  • Age: 18 (physically 10)
  • Height: 138 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Three Sizes: 71AA/53/108
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hairstyle: Hime Cut
  • Eye Color: Red, occasionally has red thick-framed glasses
  • Voice: Yukari Tamura
  • FE Class: Fighter -> Warrior
  • Cosplay: Ink Nijihara (transformed) (Moetan)
  • Birthday: May 16th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Fighting; Athletaur (Fighting/Fairy Minotaur)
  • Personality: The middle child between Zettai and Asuho. Very devoted to her "Oniisama" but is very dominant as well. Hiroko also works with Zettai and Rin on occasion, but she's currently trying to earn her degree in Biology in college as well. Her dream is to be a scientist like her mother Rin, who she also secretly admires. Hiroko, Asuho, and Rin are also all mikos and live in a temple (along with Zettai).

Effective "winner".

Asuho KuronaEdit

  • Age: 14
  • Height: 148 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Three Sizes: 72A/52/105
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hairstyle: Twintails
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Voice: Yui Ogura
  • FE Class: Knight -> General
  • Cosplay: Hinata Hakamada (basketball) (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)
  • Birthday: November 3rd
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Ground; Garchomp
  • Personality: Zettai's youngest sister. Has an inferiority complex when compared to Hiroko. Asuho is also in Zettai's class, and occasionally "forgets" her book to sit on her teacher's lap. After an experiment caused her to become a giantess Asuho has taken an interest in acting, specifically Toku studio movies.

Rin KuronaEdit

  • Age: 39
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Three Sizes: 76A/62/140
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hairstyle: Long and wavy
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Voice: Mamiko Noto
  • FE Class: Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Lord
  • Cosplay: Inia Sestina (Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse)
  • Birthday: July 2nd
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Psychic; Metagross
  • Personality: Mother to Zettai and his sisters. Loves to perform experiments on her son and keeps a record of all his day to day "actions". It is unknown what happened to Zettai, Hiroko, and Asuho's actual father. Rin is also the resident biology teacher at the school. She always wanted to become a scientist as well and has succeeded.

Rin is tall but her daughters are short like her mother as it seemed to skip a generation. Same with Ayako as well.

Sayo OojiriganeEdit

  • Age: 14
  • Height: 144 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Three Sizes: 69AA/53/104
  • Hair Color: White
  • Hairstyle: Drills
  • Eye Color: Golden
  • Voice: Kana Ueda
  • FE Class: Troubadour -> Valkyrie
  • Cosplay: Gate Keeper Alice (Queen's Gate)
  • Birthday: April 14th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Ghost; Gengar
  • Personality: Zettai and his family's cousin. Sayo is an ojou from Kansai meaning that while she usually talks sophisticated she'll occasionally fall into her Kansai speech patterns as well. Sayo is taught by Zettai as well. Sayo wants to rightfully inherit her mother's company as well and is training in business.

Marika OojiriganeEdit

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Three Sizes: 77A/57/116
  • Hair Color: Dark Blue
  • Hairstyle: Twin Braids
  • Eye Color: Purple
  • Voice: Marina Inoue
  • FE Class: Assassin
  • Cosplay: Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos)
  • Birthday: September 7th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Bug; Ninjask
  • Personality: Sayo's obedient maid that grew up alongside her mistress. She is half-Brazilian and was found in one of Ayaka's visits to the country. She originally lived in poverty and because of this she tends to eat more than you'd expect. Mostly emotionless due to the harsh conditions growing up as well. Doesn't like Zettai all that much, but that may just be due to her crush on her ojousama. Occasionally has the tick -de onara. Marika goes to school with Sayo, but does her work as well as her normal high-school work by correspondence. She also knows many wrestling moves to protect Sayo and/or punish Zettai. In fact, she's a top wrestler thanks to her smelly finishers. She's also trying to become the head maid for Sayo.

Yuno ShirayukiEdit

  • Age: 14
  • Height: 141 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Three Sizes: 74A/53/106
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Hairstyle: Long with bangs covering her right eye.
  • Eye Color: Right eye red, left eye yellow
  • Voice: Ayana Taketatsu
  • FE Class: Thief -> Rogue
  • Cosplay: Tsugumi (Guilty Crown)
  • Birthday: October 8th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Poison; Toxipex
  • Personality: Due to Yuno's sad past (abusive brother and father) she kidnapped Zettai as she believed him to be her "Oniichan". Has scars all over her body and is equally a yandere and Chuunibyou. The latter is important as she dreams of both becoming a mangaka as she wants to publish her (imagined) life story as the Plump Peach Princess. She even goes as far as to imagine she's a reincarnation of that character. Yuno is one of Zettai's students.

Ayako OojiriganeEdit

  • Age: 35
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Three Sizes: 77A/61/135
  • Hair Color: White
  • Hairstyle: two large drills
  • Eye Color: Pink
  • Voice: Ayako Kawasumi
  • FE Class: Pegasus Knight -> Pegasus Lord
  • Cosplay: Leina Vance (Queen's Blade)
  • Birthday: December 1st
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Dragon; Kingdra
  • Personality: Sayo's mother and thus Zettai's aunt. Ayako is an ojou and loves being pampered by her pet Zettai and is proud of both her age and large bottom. she also has a rivalry with Rin. She had already conquered the elementary school in the past but upon challenging to middle school she met Rin who easily overpowered her and her two assy companions. Sayo also owns the school that Zettai and Rin work at and occasionally uses her power to muscle them around (uselessly in the case of Rin). She also owns the school that they work at, though it is more of a side thing as she owns a large business. It is unknown what happened to Sayo's actual father.

Setsuna ChihayaEdit

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 59 kg
  • Three Sizes: 75A/59/123
  • Hair Color: Dark purple
  • Hairstyle: Almost hime cut
  • Eye Color: Dark purple, tsurime
  • Voice: Saori Hayami
  • FE Class: -
  • Cosplay: Meltlilith (Fate)
  • Birthday: November 12th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Ice; Weavile
  • Personality: Rin's old friend from college and childhood friend to Zettai and others. Treats Zettai as a "otouto" and calls him “Zettai-kun”. Setsuna also forces Zettai to call her "Oneesama". Tall, dark, and bishoujo with an elegant air. Enjoys mecha anime and occasionally cosplays, but usually wears a buruma and gym uniform as she works as a gym teacher at the school. Cosplays with Yuna as "Yukihime", complete with proper classic speech.

Akari Hilda MinazukiEdit

  • Age: 18
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Three Sizes: 73A/54/118
  • Hair Color: Grey
  • Hairstyle: Parted bangs
  • Eye Color: Orange
  • Voice: Nana Mizuki
  • FE Class: -
  • Cosplay: Fate Testarossa (Lyrical Nanoha)
  • Birthday: February 25th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Fairy; Azumarril
  • Personality: Hiroko's only friend, though sadly isn't at school much due to idol work. Hilda is idol version and Akari is civilian side (with glasses). She is also half-German on her mother's side.

Yuuko TachibanaEdit

  • Age: 31
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Three Sizes: 76A/58/127
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Hairstyle: Hair curls and bun
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Voice: Kikuko Inoue
  • FE Class: -
  • Cosplay: Beniigyo (Maho Girls PreCure!)
  • Birthday: September 25th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Normal; Munchlax
  • Personality: A teacher at Hiroko's school, has been single all her life and desperately wants a boyfriend. Sadly her male students aren't interested but she falls for Zettai.

Karin BraunEdit

  • Age: 41
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Three Sizes: 77A/59/137
  • Hair Color: Grey
  • Hairstyle: Long and wavy
  • Eye Color: Orange
  • Voice: Yumi Hara
  • FE Class:
  • Cosplay: Sasha (Brave Witches)
  • Birthday: December 12th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Electric; Magnezone
  • Personality: Akari's mother and a former idol. She came from Germany many years ago and now lives alone with her daughter.

Tamaki InugamiEdit

  • Age: 17, sorta
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Three Sizes: 74A/56/117
  • Hair Color: Orange
  • Hairstyle: Long and messy
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Voice: Kana Asumi
  • FE Class:
  • Cosplay: White Heart (V version) (Neptunia)
  • Birthday: January 15th
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Fire; Houndoom
  • Personality: Originally an ill stray dog Yuuko found in the streets, became accidentally a doggirl after a pill Zettai gave her than also cured the illness.

Ruri KuronaEdit

  • Age: 17 (physically 0)
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Three Sizes: 75A/55/115
  • Hair Color: Dark green
  • Hairstyle: Braid
  • Eye Color: Purple, wears thick-framed glasses
  • Voice: Ai Nonaka
  • FE Class:
  • Cosplay: Kyouko (transformed) (Madoka Magica)
  • Birthday: April 1st
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Steel; Dullahorse (Steel/Ghost Dullahan Centaur)
  • Personality: The support robot Rin built to assist the Kurona family. She and Tamaki go to Hiroko's class.

Lillianne "Lili" OojiriganeEdit

  • Age: 610 (physically 10)
  • Height: 139 cm
  • Weight: 41 kg
  • Three Sizes: 70AA/52/107
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Hairstyle: Hime Cut
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Voice: Rie Kugimiya
  • FE Class:
  • Cosplay: Yukimura Sanada (Hyakka Ryouran)
  • Birthday: October 31st
  • Pokémon type and Ace: Dark; Hydreigon
  • Personality: Sayo and Ayako's ancestor and a vampire, lives hidden in the Oojirigane family mansion. Plays video games in her free time.

Yoshiko MaedaEdit

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 69 kg
  • Three Sizes: 75A/53/120
  • Hair Color: Dark pink
  • Hairstyle: Long, low ponytail
  • Eye Color: Purple
  • Voice: Youko Hikasa
  • FE Class: -
  • Cosplay: Maya Kumashiro (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin)
  • Birthday: August 7th
  • Pokémon type and Ace:
  • Personality: Transfer student into Yuuko's class that joined recently. Practices kendo and beats up bullies with her shinai for she hates evil and injustices like true heroes. Considers Setsuna her sworn rival. She uses four kanji idioms sometimes.

Reika MaedaEdit

  • Age: 40
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Three Sizes: 74A/54/133
  • Hair Color: Light pink
  • Hairstyle: Hime cut but with open bangs, long to waist
  • Eye Color: Pink
  • Voice: Asami Imai
  • FE Class:
  • Cosplay: Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)
  • Birthday: October 10th
  • Pokémon type and Ace:
  • Personality: Yoshiko's mother and a full blow yamato nadeshiko.Skilled in flower arranging and the tea ceremony. Was surprised with how tough and strong her daughter became but is very proud of her noble behavior.


  • Hiroko, Asuho and Rin have the last name Kurona because it sounds like the Spanish word for an assy woman.
  • Saya, Ayako and Marika are Oojirigane as the first two kanji mean "big ass" and the last "gold" and is just there to make their name sound more ojou-like.
  • Yuno gets Shirayuki from Mizore's last name as a blog reference, though it also fits her chuunibyou nature.
  • Setsuna's birthday is based on "Good Hips Day".

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