Whity is a sea serpent based off of an image that was in a book about cryptozoological creatures. Specifically, he is designed after the beast in Lake Champlain.

Whity has a long, serpentine body ending in a fin. The upper part of his body is light blue, while his stomach is more green. Along his spine are yellow spikes. He has a large mouth filed with fangs, and reddish-pink eyes. However, his main claim, and even his namesake, are a pair of large magnificent horns that come from the back of his head, go up and into a circle, and then point themselves forward.

Whity's main attacks involve wrapping his body around a victim and then either biting them or stabbing them with his horns. Usually wrapping crushes all but those who are about as large as himself, so his horns are usually kept clean.

Whity's best friend and ally is Kraken. They are used in pretty much the same way since their bodies are so similar. However, for a while, Kraken was used much more, due to the fact that he changes into a Demi-god rated creature (Bionic Kraken). Since then, Whity has grown his own more powerful form....


Sub-Zero is Whity's stronger form, and he looks much for formidable. However, he still cannot remain out of water for long. His face is more evil-looking, with crystal-capped teeth and a fairly angry look on his face. He also has large crests over his eyes, making it look like he has eyebrows, and a horn on his nose. His back has fewer spikes, but is covered in tougher, more obvious scales. His tail is much stronger, and is able to propel him fairly far.

His horns, while keeping the over loop, have an additional use. They are able to blast a beam of freezing cold energy that is able to freeze a landscape fairly easily. Although not as powerful as Bionic Kraken, he does make more appearances since then.

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