War of the Worlds IV: Toy Time was the fifth RPG video game I wrote on. It was based on a excerpt of "Guardian's Crusade", a Playstation game. At the same time, "Kirby's Super Star" was among my favorite games, so I created a game starring Amber.

The basis of this game is that Gadgetteer has turned most of the characters, among other creatures, into tiny toys. These toys can be used by Amber in battle, provided she has the fuel % to use them. It is a fairly straight forward game, but there are a few hidden toys, and the ability to merge a few to create new ones.

There have been two editions of this game, with the second adding additional toys, and even a new area (Inferno).


  • Page 1: Coni
  • Page 2: Cave of Mysts
  • Page 3: Moo Manor
  • Page 4: Mench Factory
  • Page 5: Bird House
  • Page 6: Freezey
  • Page 7: Casino
  • Page 8: Boo House
  • Page 9: Planetarium (misspelled Planetium)
  • Page 10: Beamer
  • Page 11: Seaside
  • Page 12: Mench Headquarters (Mench 2)
  • Page 13: Pyramid
  • Page 14: Inferno
  • Page 15: Orches
  • Page 16: Zeppo's Isle


Toys & ItemsEdit

See Toy Time (Dolls) or Toy Time (Items)

Problems and ErrorsEdit

Besides the obvious "not much plot" gameplay, there are a number of problems.

Many enemy designs have been lost to the times.
It is unknown how the battles actually took place.
The bosses are unknown as to what they do. They just have a name and image.
There are no mini battles, and there isn't anywhere that the money is listed, but there are stores.
There is no script.
The player basically can wander around, not knowing where to go next.

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