War of the Worlds III: Dragon's Rage was the third RPG video game I wrote on. My skills improved a bit, but not very much, as there are no random battles or much besides collecting characters. Dragon's Rage refers to the power of the various dragons you defeat through the game. The game is presumably based around the SNES game Breath of Fire, though it is unknown who became the dragons, though they only appear to be used like airships. There's no equipment, and there are no shops. However, the characters do have levels, though the enemies do not have hit points.

The idea is that Gadgetter is creating a giant robot, but in order to use it, you must defeat dragons. However, the robot is a world destroyer, and the dragons are the only ones keeping it from destroying the world.

Like many of my games, the battles are similar to Dragon Warrior, where you do not see the characters. However, it is unknown how many were originally in a party.


  • Page 1: Coni Woods
  • Page 2: Cedar City
  • Page 3: Volcano
  • Page 4: Lightning Mount
  • Page 5: Burnt House
  • Page 6: Mt. Dragoon
  • Page 7: Kamikaze Isle
  • Page 8: Pyramid
  • Page 9: Cloud City
  • Page 10: Tomb
  • Page 11: Factory
  • Page 12: Underwater
  • Page 13: Lab
  • Page 14: Gadget Isle
  • Page 15: Dragon Temples
  • Page 16: Map
  • Page 17: Mystic Isle


Although his location is unknown, Cool Toy is listed as a character.

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