Trevvrardo Enrique (though usually called Trevor or misspelled Trever) is an allied character of Nyntindois. He is a Chupacabra, and the only allied member of his species. However, earlier on, he was classified as a Reptileman.

Trevor is usually shown to be a slave, especially of Bad Guy. However, he does seem to be allied with Clayton, and they go bounty hunting occasionally.

Most of Trevor's attacks are fairly basic. He has poisonous fangs, but only uses them if his sucking ability doesn't work. He also knows some unarmed attacks and sword moves (though he uses them with his knife).

Looks and AppearanceEdit

There are two versions of Trevor. The first, called Trever, is the most common type. In this form, he appears to be a humanoid reptile with large spines going down his back. He also had a belt where he kept a hunting knife and a gun that shoots heated pebbles. he also wears boots and gloves. In this form, he doesn't have a distinctive head, and sort of looks like a monster costume. He has large teeth and a noticable tongue that can suck the life out of a creature.

The second form is more "realistic". He is a bony reptilian creature, and really can't stand upright. He has two deep set eyes and a toothy mouth, though less fanged than the previous form. He cannot walk upright in this form, however, and uses his long arms much like a gorilla does.

Both forms can roll up into a ball, and attack with his spikes. Additionally, they both share a "Life Suck" ability, where he uses his needle-like tongue to suck blood from a victim. This ability presumably gained from the goat-sucking abilities of Chupacabras.

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