These are the items used in War of the Worlds IV: Toy Time.

Name Type Bonus
Sword Weapon +3
Steel Blade Weapon +5
Feather Sword Weapon +7
Lightning Sword Weapon +12
Star Cutter Weapon +14
Crystal Sword Weapon +18
Flare Sword Weapon +20
Sapphire Sword Weapon +25

Name Type Bonus
Armor Armor +1
Torn Armor Armor +2
Feather Armor Armor +3
Lightning Armor Armor +4
Star Armor Armor +5
Quad Armor Armor +6
Lava Armor Armor +7
Cubic Arms Armor +10; x2 Attack

Name Type Bonus
Helm Head +1
Knight's Helm Head +2
Bird Helm Head +2
Lightning Helm Head +4
Star Helm Head +5
Trio Helm Head +6
Lava Helm Head +7
Zircon Helm Head +8

Name Type Bonus
Shield Shield +2
Maca Shield Shield +3
Wing Shield Shield +3
Lightning Shield Shield +4
Star Shield Shield +5
Umbrella Shield +5
Burning Shield Shield +8
Emerald Shield Shield +10

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