These are the toys used in War of the Worlds IV: Toy Time.

Name Attack Description Area Found  % Used
2 Nite Ice/Water Slumber Attack Mench Factory* 77
7-Up Increases Stats by 7 Casino 77
A-1 Exploding Tackle Mench Headquarters 80
Adam Spin Punch Mench Headquarters 32
Agilika Increases Speed Casino 6
Andy Claw Beamer 10
Armageddon Total Destruction Casino 99
Artic1 Blizzard Freezey 67
Austin Fire Attack Inferno 47
Avan Chocobo Swarm Bird House 60
BAC-8 Fan Slash Pyramid 36
Backward Return to Entrance Cave of Mysts 5
Battori Bolt Attack Mench Factory 30
Ben Ultra Power Coni 86
Benny Eyebeam Beamer 40
Biojoe Tokens x HP for damage Mench Factory* 120
Biospark Uses HP for damage. Casino 41
Blade Sword Attack Coni 26
Blance Lance/Sword Attack Mench Factory* 56
Blezzu Ice/Fire Combo Freezey 64
Bloom Beam Combo Mench Factory* 72
Blossom Leaf Blade Seaside 29
Bomb Walker Distance Walked = Damage Mench Headquarters 40
Box Droid Electromagnetic Wave Beamer 45
Brass Water Attack Orches 54
Bud Leech Seed Seaside 12
Budder Poison Seed Mench Factory* 43
Card Card Attack Pyramid 40
Card X Laser Card Mench Factory* 90
Casey Bite Beamer 12
Char Fire Dragon Inferno 67
Chris Earth Attack Planetarium 36
Clayton Mud Attack Boo House 16
Cornucopia Food Heal Moo Manor 20
Cube 4x Attack Zeppo's Isle 225
Cubic Cube Toss Mench Factory 34
Cyber Mew Psychic/Wind Combo Bird House 77
Cyber Nite Water/Wind/Psychic/Ice Combo Mench Factory* 106
D. Nite Water/Ice Combo Freezy 65
Eclipse Eclipse Attack Mench Factory* 65
Elembird Bolt/Flare/Blizzard Combo Mench Factory* 106
Emerald Cuts Damage by 1/2 Zeppo's Isle 170
Forward Creates Guide Cave of Mysts 3
Freezy Ice Attack Freezey 36
Fruit Hard Apple Pyramid 10
G' Nite Sleep Boo House 5
Global Spin Attack Moo Manor 12
Gym Yo-Yo Attack Mench Factory 10
Ironclad Defense Beamer -15**
Jake Healing Revival Freezey 60
Jarad Wind Punch Mench Factory* 32
Joe Tokens x 10 Damage Casino 35
Josh Triangular combo (electric/fire/ice) Zeppo's Isle 90
Josh #2 Whirlwind Coni 1
Jupiter Great Ball Planetarium 67
Kelly Power Punch Pyramid 27
Kirt Mega Blast Beamer 60
Krabert Claw Pinch Seaside 41
Krandy Claw Squeeze Mench Factory* 57
Kyler Blast Mench Headquarters 15
Lancolot Lance Attack Moo Manor 30
Lava Magma Spray Inferno 71
Liech Drains HP from enemy Bird House 16
Maca Armor Increases Defense Moo Manor 7
Mace Blunt Attack Pyramid 36
Mars Oxy-Attack Planetarium 35
Matt Water Attack Seaside 17
Matt #2 Poisons both Sides Cave of Mysts 3
Memus Big Slap Boo House 14
Mercury Fire Attack Planetarium 43
Michael Blast Attack Mench Factory 50
Molt3 Flare Orches 60
Moon Boomerang Attack Bird House 27
Mummy Wrap Pyramid 12
Neptune Water Attack Planetarium 35
Onion Enemy Detection Coni 0
Orihalcon Crystal Attack Inferno 60
Pegas Status Spray Seaside 75
Pegclaw Dual Scythe Pyramid 41
Pennie GP Rain (20 gp per damage) Casino 23
Percussion Earth Attack Orches 56
Pincer Drill Horn Mench Headquarters 29
Plasma Beam Attack Cave of Mysts 40
Pluto Small Ball Planetarium 16
Polls Water Attack Orches 30
Pool Heal Water Cure Mench Factory* 37
Poto Water Attack Seaside 17
Pyra Stone Attack Pyramid 69
Revolution Damages All Casino 99
Robo Robo Tackle Moo Manor 35
Roc Drops Rocks Bird House 17
RocVan Earth/Wind Combo Mench Factory* 80
Roller Smash Attack Mench Headquarters 18
Sapphire Ice Sword Cut Zeppo's Isle 200
Saturn Ring Shield Planetarium 45
Smaza Beam Combo Mench Factory* 87
Smirror Mirror Attack Cave of Mysts 41
Sr. Blance Lance/Sword/Blade Attack Mench Factory* 99
Sr. Kibble Triple Cut Moo Manor 20
Storm Wind/Water Combo Orches 60
Strings Fire Attack Mench Factory* 77
Sun Heat Stroke Planetarium 32
TAC Copycat Cave of Mysts 1
Takooni Stomp Attack Casino 30
Thornet Stinger Attack Bird House 30
TIE Guard Cannon Beamer 33
Topaz Turbo Blast Laser Mench Factory* 260
Towitle Blast Attack Combo Mench Factory* 97
Toy Swift Mench Factory 5
Trio Triple Attack Seaside 31
Ty Invisibility Boo House 70
Uranus Sideways Planetarium 38
Vents Poisons Target Boo House 33
Venus Heat Shield Planetarium 33
Vim Yo-Yo Poison Attack Mench Factory* 52
Wheelie Accelerate Mench Headquarters 23
Woodwind Wind Attack Orches 58
Yoda Psychic Attack Boo House 36
Zap2 Thunderbolt Mench Factory 65
Zircon Becrazed Attack Zeppo's Isle 125
Zlep Mega Psyblast (Charged) Seaside 92
*Requires Mixing. See chart below.
Name Toy 1 Used Toy 2 Used Toy 3 Used
2 Nite G. Nite D. Nite
BioJoe Joe Biospark
Blance Lancolot Blade
Bloom Budder Blossom
Budder Bud Trio
Card-X Card 7-Up
Cyber Nite D.Nite Cyber Mew
Eclipse Sun Moon
Elembird Artic1 Zap2 Molt3
Jarad Kelly Josh #2
Krandy Krabert Andy
Pool Heal Jake Matt
RocVan Roc Avan
Smaza Smirror Plasma
Sr. Blance Blance Sr. Kibble
Storm Josh #2 Matt
Topaz Towitile Kirt
Towitile Austin Michael
Vim Gym Vents
**Ironclad restores 15 % when active. If at full, it will increase Max Fuel % for the remainder of the battle (while active).

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