This subject matter may contain information that some may consider naughty! Please use your own judgment when reading it.

Prior to the days of Perfect Harem Anime for Topaz and Zettai they both decided to write for the other. They still write using these characters, though in a more restricted format. The name of this series is "Boku no Meganekko Oneesan" (shortened to 僕めが "BokuMega").

These are Topaz's characters. If you would like to see Zettai's, click here.

Topaz enjoys tall older girls, glasses, large chests, and curvy bodies. He is unique in that he also has a male in his harem, Souta.



Topaz Teioh
Age: 14 Birthday: August 3rd
Height: 153 cm Weight: 42 kg
Three Sizes: Eye Color: Brown, has glasses
Hair Color: Dark Brown Hairstyle: Hime Cut
Voice: Eri Kitamura Cosplay: Saya Takagi (High School of the Dead)
FE Class: Mage (Anima) -> Mage Knight (Anima, Staff) Pokémon type and Ace: Final Boss; Metagross

Personality: Topaz is a shy boy that likes being teased by his girls. He is very feminine and secretly wears girls clothing. Due to his magical lips he's often kissed by the girls as a "recharge". He was also brought into the "Cosplay club", a secret program for the Troops in their magical defense wars. However it's more likely that Maya puts him in cute outfits.


Maeka Munenaka
Age: 21 Birthday: November 22nd
Height: 170 cm Weight: 60 kg
Three Sizes: 92DD/60/90 Eye Color: Brown, has glasses
Hair Color: Dark Brown Hairstyle: Hime Cut
Voice: Kana Hanazawa Cosplay: Chiaki Kurihara (Mouretsu Pirates)
FE Class: Dark Mage (Dark) -> Sorcerer (Dark, Anima, Staff) Pokémon type and Ace: Flying; Salamence

Personality: Babysat Topaz when he was younger, but developed a loving relationship after catching him crossdressing one day. She is also employed at her parent's company by day, where she wears a suit and skirt, but is also a member of the Troops as well. She's also Jade's rival in college, with both having a group idolizing their glasses. Effective "winner".


Emi Munenaka
Age: 14 Birthday: September 17th
Height: 160 cm Weight: 50 kg
Three Sizes: 88D/55/85 Eye Color: Purple, has glasses
Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Long and flowing
Voice: Yui Horie Cosplay: Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)
FE Class: Troubadour (Staff) -> Seraph Medic (Sword, Staff) Pokémon type and Ace: Ice; Platiwyrm (Ice/Dragon)

Personality: Topaz's classmate that occasionally protects him from bullies. One of his few school friends, but very self-conscious. She's part of the club with Topaz as well, as well as being a skilled artist in the art club.


Chizuru Munenaka
Age: 39 Birthday: May 10th
Height: 176 cm Weight: 68 kg
Three Sizes: 103E/64/100 Eye Color: Black, has glasses
Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Hime cut
Voice: Yuu Amamiya Cosplay: Kouchuu Kanshou (Koihime Musou) (glasses)
FE Class: Shaman (Dark) -> Druid (Anima, Dark, Staff) Pokémon type and Ace: Psychic; Zlep

Personality: Ara ara~ Sexy mother to Emi and Maeka and encourages both girls to chase after him. Though if they're not careful, he might just be their new father as well... She's effectively a Mission Control for the Troops, though she still owns the company where Maeka works as a cover. It is unknown what happened to Maeka and Emi's actual father. Chizuru also enjoys Western cuisine, often mixes random food together to experiment.


Jade Teioh
Age: 18 Birthday: August 31st
Height: 175 cm Weight: 57 kg
Three Sizes: 90D/58/90 Eye Color: Green, has glasses
Hair Color: Dark Green Hairstyle: Long and flowing
Voice: Yuu Asakawa Cosplay: Rider (Fate/Stay Night)
FE Class: Mercenary (Sword) -> Hero (Sword, Axe) Pokémon type and Ace: Fighting; Kommo-o

Personality: Topaz's older sister that was off at college. She now shares an apartment with him and teases him often. She is also quite strong, but is careful with Topaz's weak body. There's rumors floating around that she's one of the strongest women in the world, though her rivals are more than happy to get beaten up in masochistic pain. She's also Maeka's rival in college, with both having a group idolizing their glasses. Jade and Topaz's parents are often away. Jade is tall like their mother while Topaz is short like their father.


Maya Kazami
Age: 25 Birthday: June 6th
Height: 167 cm Weight: 58 kg
Three Sizes: 96DD/56/98 Eye Color: Green, has glasses
Hair Color: Green Hairstyle: Bob cut
Voice: Ami Koshimizu Cosplay: Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)
FE Class: Mage (Anima) -> Sage (Anima, Light, Staff) Pokémon type and Ace: Rock; Gigalith

Personality: Topaz and Emi's teacher. Sweet and caring for him as well. She also convinces him to create the "Cosplay Club" as a cover, though secretly it might be that she just wants to dress him in pretty outfits (though she's not afraid to wear one herself). Maya also drives recklessly and seems to know Rin from Zettai's harem.


Souta Kaneda
Age: 13 Birthday: August 1st
Height: 145 cm Weight: 39 kg
Three Sizes: - Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blue Hairstyle: Bob cut
Voice: Aya Endou Cosplay: Miyuki Takara (Catball) (Lucky Star)
FE Class: Priest (Staff) -> Great Master (Staff, Spear) Pokémon type and Ace: Fairy; Wigglytuff

Personality: Topaz's only male friend and fellow crossdresser. Souta also looks up to Topaz-senpai and wants to be just like him. His parents own a local hot springs resort. Souta is Natsume's cousin.


Haruka Teioh
Age: 20 Birthday: February 4th
Height: 150 cm Weight: 45 kg
Three Sizes: 85D/56/84 Eye Color: Purple, has glasses
Hair Color: Purple Hairstyle: Hime cut ponytail
Voice: Chiwa Saito Cosplay: Maid Chou (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha)
FE Class: Pirate (Axe) -> Berserker (Axe) Pokémon type and Ace: Water; Karakasea (Ghost/Water Karakasa-based)

Personality: Topaz and Jade's cousin from the beach. Her body is mostly tan except for a swimsuit pattern on her chest and hips. Extremely dominant, she can use her short stature to get nearly anything from Topaz. Once fought against the Troops but by losing a close battle she decides to team up with them.


Natsume Shirogane
Age: 19 Birthday: March 24th
Height: 175 cm Weight: 52 kg
Three Sizes: 92D/60/91 Eye Color: Purple, has glasses
Hair Color: Blonde Hairstyle: Ponytail
Voice: Haruka Tomatsu Cosplay: Iona Hikawa
FE Class: Fighter (Axe) -> Warrior (Axe, Bow) Pokémon type and Ace: Bug; Yanmega

Personality: Jade's roommate and best friend as well as friends with Haruka. Is a reverse trap, often wearing a boy's uniform with necktie. Topaz was worried when Jade started hanging around "him", but after finding out Natsume's true gender he supports her wishes. Natsume is also slightly yuri with Jade. She had to start wearing masculine clothes once her family found out Souta, her cousin, was starting to imitate her clothing choices.


Tina Yeager
Age: 21 Birthday: July 4th
Height: 166 cm Weight: 65 kg
Three Sizes: 106F/60/102 Eye Color: Blue, has glasses
Hair Color: Blonde Hairstyle: Thick twintails/ponytail
Voice: Nao Touyama Cosplay: Atago
FE Class: Archer (Bow) -> Sniper (Bow) Pokémon type and Ace: Fire; Darmanitan

Personality: American policewoman who enjoys guns, and is tasked with watching over Topaz (for some reason). Peppers speech with English words and is a bit sarcastic and snarky.


Himawari Hoshikawa
Age: "Forever" 117 Birthday: January 20th
Height: 160 cm Weight: 69 kg
Three Sizes: 95DD/65/100 Eye Color: Dark green, has glasses
Hair Color: Deep black Hairstyle: long, elf ears
Voice: Minako Kotobuki Cosplay: Chifusa Manyuu
FE Class: Wyvern Knight (Spear) -> Dragon Master (Axe, Spear) Pokémon type and Ace: Electric; Rotom (PC Forme- Electric/Steel)

Personality: Mage from a far away land, but got distracted by all of Japan's media. Became a neet and spends time playing games (mostly) and watching anime.


Kaguya Kaneda
Age: 37 Birthday: October 20th
Height: 162 cm Weight: 60 kg
Three Sizes: 95DD/63/94 Eye Color: Purple, has glasses
Hair Color: Dark blue Hairstyle: Hime cut
Voice: Yuu Wakui Cosplay: Sumire Hikami
FE Class: Soldier (Spear) -> Halberdier (Spear) Pokémon type and Ace: Normal; Porygon-Z

Personality: Souta's mother that wants her son to marry Topaz (before knowing that his friend is also a boy). Yamato Nadeshiko that tends to stay at home, but is quite rich due to her large estate. Natsume's mother is her sister.


Kaede Musashi
Age: 19 Birthday: November 10th
Height: 170 cm Weight: 56 kg
Three Sizes: 89D/57/87 Eye Color: Purple though usually narrow, has glasses
Hair Color: Grey Hairstyle: Narrow ponytail w/ bow
Voice: Ryouko Tanaka Cosplay: Yumiko Sakaki (bunny)
FE Class: Myrmidon (Sword) -> Swordmaster (Sword) Pokémon type and Ace: Steel; Aegislash

Personality: Jade's rival from school, though she doesn't think as much. Honor blade whose father is a famed blacksmith. Treats Topaz as another "battle" with Jade and tries to seduce him. Tends to use a scimitar rather than the more Japanese katana. Arabian background.


Miyuki Nazuka (Aensland)
Age: 16 Birthday: February 19th
Height: 162 cm Weight: 53 kg
Three Sizes: 90DD/60/89 Eye Color: Dark Red, has glasses
Hair Color: Brown Hairstyle: Braids
Voice: Ryoko Shiraishi Cosplay: Hikage (sweater version)
FE Class: Armor Knight (Spear) -> General (Sword, Axe, Spear) Pokémon type and Ace: Ghost; Mimikyu

Personality: School's class president, very good grades and high morals. Will scold others for being too lecherous, though has a complex about her curvy body. Has freckles. Takes father's name due to mother's ill reputation, though she won't specify why.


Miku Aensland
Age: 160 Birthday: May 26th
Height: 172 cm Weight: 62 kg
Three Sizes: 100E/62/98 Eye Color: Blue, glasses
Hair Color: Light Purple Hairstyle: Long and flowing with hair over one eye, demon horns.
Voice: Minori Chihara Cosplay: Teresa Beria
FE Class: Dancer (Sword) Pokémon type and Ace: Poison; Nidoqueen

Personality: Beautiful, sexual, confident, and playful tease. Loves "eating" shotas and is a powerful succubus. Can change form, and is impersonating a math teacher in the school. Despite her "espionage" she is friends with Maya and the other girls. Also is Miyuki's mother.


Hitomi Fujita
Age: 36(?) Birthday: September 6th
Height: 160 cm Weight: 80 kg
Three Sizes: 95E/80/94 Eye Color: Light blue, often has glasses
Hair Color: Purple Hairstyle: Long and wavy, can hide cat ears
Voice: Aya Hisakawa Cosplay: Mira Ackerman
FE Class: Dragon Knight (Axe) -> Malig Knight (Axe, Anima) Pokémon type and Ace: Ground; Krookodile

Personality: Mature chef/waitress of a local sweets shop that the characters often visit. Pampers Topaz with extra sweets and is famous for her pudding. Rivalry with chef Chizuru and Hidamari recognizes her as a cat-person from her realm so Hitomi can use some small magic. Mei's mother.


Mei Fujita
Age: 16 Birthday: March 14th
Height: 143 cm Weight: 41 kg
Three Sizes: 75A/52/89 Eye Color: Purple, red glasses
Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Hime cut with long sides
Voice: Rina Hidaka Cosplay: Ririchiyo Shirakiin
FE Class: Pegasus Knight (Spear) -> Dark Flier (Spear, Anima) Pokémon type and Ace: Dark; Drapion

Personality: Miyuki's best friend and student president. Very snarky with sharp tongue, is often annoyed but still a good friend. Bonds with Souta due to some "similarities" (not that).


Charlotte Shinotane
Age: 26 Birthday: December 28
Height: 166 cm Weight: 55 kg
Three Sizes: 97DD/62/100 Eye Color: Brown, glasses
Hair Color: White Hairstyle: Long and flowing
Voice: Ayahi Takagaki Cosplay: Arrester Blanket
FE Class: Outlaw (Bow) -> Trickster (Bow, Staff) Pokémon type and Ace: Dragon, Noivern

Personality: Kind school nurse of Topaz's school. Warm motherly aura, despite not having children of her own. Close friend with Maya and lives near Tina and Himawari. Took archery in school and is talented. Has French mother, explaining first name.


Fumika Kikaijima
Age: 16 Birthday: July 26
Height: 168 cm Weight: 51 kg
Three Sizes: 89D/61/88 Eye Color: Red, glasses
Hair Color: Black with red tips Hairstyle: long, hairband
Voice: Ai Kayano Cosplay: Lucy Yamagami
FE Class: Thief (Sword) -> Rogue (Sword) Pokémon type and Ace: Grass, Ferrothorn

Personality: Usually quiet and reading in the corner, but is a skilled light novel writer and head of Emi's manga club. Has a younger sister, so has an aloof and distant personality. Secretly very dominant and wears pantyhose.


Yukiho "Kuro" Midorikawa
Age: 19 Birthday: April 10
Height: 180 cm Weight: 62 kg
Three Sizes: 90DD/58/98 Eye Color: Purple Tsurime, glasses
Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Hime Cut
Voice: Azumi Asakura Cosplay: Ayana Kakinozaka
FE Class: Cavalier (Sword, Spear) -> Paladin (Sword, Axe, Spear) Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: The older sister of the idol unit "Twin☆Stars". Has very little emotion except on stage (and her sister knows that she's faking her smiles), but has a big heart and very kind to animals and other things that she finds cute. Quite shy, so Shion got her to start being an idol to help out. She can't see very well but still doesn't wear glasses on stage as a calming effect (and to disguise her normal form). Loves to sing, and is the more innocent of the two.


Shion "Shiro" Midorikawa
Age: 14 Birthday: April 10
Height: 163 cm Weight: 68 kg
Three Sizes: 98G/56/95 Eye Color: Blue, glasses
Hair Color: Blond Hairstyle: long, wavey
Voice: Suzuko Mimori Cosplay: Mimori Tougou
FE Class: Cavalier (Sword, Axe) -> Great Knight (Sword, Axe, Spear) Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: The younger sister of the idol group "Twin☆Stars". Light and perky, often smiling and in a cheerful mood. Very in touch with her emotions and has problems hiding them. Was a gravure idol before becoming a group with her sister. She's the one who encouraged their mother to stay in town as Yukiho was opening up to Topaz. Songwriter of the group, and is good at thinking of double entendre lines.


Aoi Midorikawa
Age: 39 Birthday: October 1st
Height: 178 cm Weight: 64 kg
Three Sizes: 95D/62/95 Eye Color: Green, glasses
Hair Color: Silver Hairstyle: Side Braid
Voice: Shizuka Itou Cosplay: Frolaytia Capistrano
FE Class: Bow Knight (Bow) -> Ranger (Bow, Sword) Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Yukiho and Shion's mother and manager. After several unfortunate relationships she gave up on love until she met Topaz. She then decided to stay in town with her daughters, both for him and so that they can experience a proper school life. Focused on work-type of parent but cares about the safety of her daughters still. Very serious and often wears a suit, and is a fast typist due to many of the jobs she's had raising her daughters.


Aya Teioh
Age: 41 Birthday: June 23
Height: 168 cm Weight: 57 kg
Three Sizes: 94DD/60/93 Eye Color:Black, glasses
Hair Color: Purple Hairstyle: Ponytail w/ long sides, flower
Voice: Risa Taneda Cosplay: Rize Tedeza
FE Class: Light Priestess (Light) -> Saint (Light, Staff) Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Haruka's mother. Loves the ocean just like her daugher, but tends to prefer diving and scuba. Marine biologist and collects seashells. Wears a diving suit so not as tanned as Haruka. Easy-going and laid back with a floaty-sleepy type of personality, but still very dominant when she wants to be.


Lydia Erstkönig
Age: 29 Birthday: January 14
Height: 174 cm Weight: 67 kg
Three Sizes: 93DD/63/96 Eye Color: Green, glasses
Hair Color: Blonde Hairstyle: Bun, long sides
Voice: Kaori Shimizu Cosplay: Signum
FE Class: Sword Knight (Sword) -> Gold Knight (Sword, Axe) Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: A spirit that haunts a German sword that Kaede bought from a suspicious infomercial. She is a collected and resilient warrior, and will defend those that she holds dear with great strength and determination. She is a composed honor blade, and somehow believes that Topaz is her child. Can summon her sword, armor, and even a mount with her abilities. Also has a dark side that comes out during a full moon.


Hinata "Protocol 92" Hoshikawa
Age: 18 (physically 0) Birthday: December 10
Height: 164 cm Weight: 59 kg
Three Sizes: 92D/55/92 Eye Color: Silver, glasses
Hair Color: Brown Hairstyle: Ponytail, ball cap
Voice: Ayumi Fujimura Cosplay: MIX
FE Class: Mercenary (Sword) -> Assassin (Sword, Bow) Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: An enemy AI that became a traitor to them after Himawari was able to befriend her. She first could only appear as a hologram, but now has a robotic body (though can still turn up, somehow bringing her solid form with her). Loves Earth sports and is often seen swinging around a baseball bat freely, which may or may not have nails in it. Can hack reality for a short time, and is pretty carefree though is in awe of many things.


Takumi Hiiragi
Age: 15 Birthday: July 18th
Height: 172 cm Weight: 56 kg
Three Sizes: 95DD/60/92 Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Long, free Hairstyle: Brown, glasses
Voice: Emiri Katou Cosplay: Ayame Shaga
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Rash and aggressive delinquent, or at least tries to keep up the persona. Likes to ride her scooter (as she's not old enough for an actual bike) and has a rough way of speaking. Likes cute things but doesn't want that to be too apparent. Has some Earth-based attacks, and both idolizes and takes lessons from Jade about fighting.


Age: 3000, looks 30 Birthday: April 30th
Height: 171 cm Weight: 61 kg
Three Sizes: 100E/62/99 Eye Color: Black, glasses
Hair Color: Blue Hairstyle: Long flowing, witch hat
Voice: Hitomi Nabatame Cosplay: Kan'u Uchou (Ikkitousen)
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Powerful djinni from Kaede's hometown, thus has dark skin. Was kept in a lamp and is amazed by technology, and calls Topaz "Master" as he reminds him of a former love. Has very powerful magic (though no wishes), and is a cool and composed most woman most of the time. Likes to float around on a broom and is skilled at belly dancing.


Maria Valentina
Age: 20 Birthday: November 16th
Height: 172 cm Weight: 60 kg
Three Sizes: 98DD/62/95 Eye Color: Blue, glasses
Hair Color: White/silver Hairstyle: Long flowing
Voice: Mao Ichimichi Cosplay: Narumeia (Granblue Fantasy)
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Beautiful Russian model that came to Japan for college. Kuudere and even has a cold aura to the point where her breath is usually cold, but loves warm hugs and has a warm heart despite being quiet. Family has a long history of being a soldier, and used to be one before a traumatic event. Instead she wants to inspire others, and enjoys cute things like Topaz.


Age: 16 Birthday: May 21st
Height: 170 cm Weight: 53 kg
Three Sizes: 92D/54/90 Eye Color: Hazel, glasses
Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Long ponytail
Voice: Atsuko Tanaka Cosplay: Claudette Vance (Queen's Blade Unlimited)
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: A ninja assassin that was sent on a mission to kill Topaz. She failed thanks to the other girls, so rather than return home she remains to protect him from other threats. High sense of honor and extremely loyal to those that defeat her in battle. Skilled with both Ninja arts and ninja weapons, and surprisingly fast.


Selvaria Inabakin
Age: 32 Birthday: February 18th
Height: 163 cm Weight: 66 kg
Three Sizes: 100E/56/98 Eye Color: Brown, glasses
Hair Color: Blonde Hairstyle: Medium, ojou curls
Voice: Sayaka Ohara Cosplay: Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Haughty and proud ojou. One of the main princesses of the Bunnykin, who are bunny girls from another realm. Is able to hide cute ears, but they come out when embarrassed. Appears pure but has an innocently naughty side. Proclaims Topaz as her husband, and is close friends with Charlotte who knows the perfect way to comb her hair/pat her. Great older sister/mature beauty type.


Reisen Inabakin
Age: 15 Birthday: June 26th
Height: 158 cm Weight: 51 kg
Three Sizes: 88D/58/92 Eye Color: Red, glasses
Hair Color: Light Purple Hairstyle: Long, rabbit ears, covering bangs
Voice: Rie Takahashi Cosplay: Mash Kyrielight (Fate/Grand Order)
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Selvaria's personal servant and confidant (also sister, but due to Bunnykin having a "queen mother" that's not surprising). Very meek and shy, but good at taking orders. Calls everyone "kouhai" due to low self-esteem and apologizes a lot, but has a kind heart. Embarrassed by "human" clothing even though her usual outfit looks like a leotard.


Asuka Buuchirod
Age: 16 Birthday: March 4th
Height: 166 cm Weight: 58 kg
Three Sizes: 86D/55/90 Eye Color: Brown, glasses
Hair Color: Brown, white bang Hairstyle: Long
Voice: Satomi Akesaka Cosplay: Henriette Mystere (Arsène) (Tantei Opera Milky Holmes)
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Card game player at a card shop nearby Hitomi's restaurant. Proud champion in "Mana Clash" but Topaz beat her due to luck, so she proclaims that he shall wed her. Ojou-like due to her father owning the card game company, but despite seeming superior does have a kind side. Has a good memory and is usually quiet outside of the card shop due to being picked on for her hobbies. Twists her hair with a finger when flustered or thinking hard.


Natsuki Quetzalcoatl
Age: 25 Birthday: Oct 12th
Height: 171 cm Weight: 70 kg
Three Sizes: 112J/74/110 Eye Color: Light Purple, glasses
Hair Color: Dark Blue Hairstyle: Medium, straight, horns
Voice: Mikako Komatsu Cosplay: Xuanzang Sanzang (Fate/Grand Order)
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: Minotaur maid of the Inabakin family, very dedicated and kind but not clumsy (despite appearances). Thinks of Selvaria like a mother/sister and is a oneesan-type of girl. Is a little bit of a tomboy and finds Topaz very helpful and cute. Tall and strong, but dislikes fighting though still owns a large mace. Also has a serpentine dragon form that's super-powerful but barely able to be contained. Shy and a little gullible, and a little concerned about her height/size.



Shun Itsuko (image)
Age: 18 Birthday: September 13th
Height: 214 cm Weight: 220 kg
Three Sizes: 163D/128/150 Eye Color: Red, black sclera
Hair Color: Pink Hairstyle: Short, Sidetail
Voice: Tomoko Kaneda Cosplay: Marie
FE Class: Pokémon type and Ace:

Personality: A towering colossus of a woman, Shun seems like a powerful fighter (especially with her large muscles). However, she's quite weak and clumsy, and only uses her strength for uncalled-for attacks. She bears the Contacts of Darkness, though using them causes her eyes to bleed. Still, they enhance her power to deadly levels and is quite a villain. Really dislikes glasses as well, as well as small wimpy men as she thinks that they should all be muscular like she is.


  • Maeka, Emi and Chizuru have Munenaka because it could be translated as "between breasts" for a paizuri reference
  • Jade and Haruka got Emperor but was changed to Teioh to make it Japanese like the rest
  • Maya is Sensei as I couldn't come with a teacher you liked so feel free to change this one (Kazumi)
  • Souta is Kaneda because of the dude (Shoutarou_Kaneda) shotas are named after.
  • Chizuru got May 10th for being roughly Mother's Day.
  • Haruka has Haruka Tomatsu's birthday.
  • Jade has Momoyo's birthday.