The Tank Cannon is a Weapon, and it causes mass destruction. Truthfully, it is a cannon taken off of a tank, and is probably the single strongest weapon hand-held ever.

War of the Worlds VII: Y3KEdit

The tank cannon is found only after you have defeated Cole. Thus, the only boss battle it is usable in is Skull Cole, and can only be obtained if you have a perfect after defeating Cole. It is found in a chest covered in lava, so you are required to use Lava one last time.

Because it is so powerful, if you give it to a weak physical fighter (such as Jake), they would still do more damage than the strongest fighters with the second strongest weapon (the Box Fist).

Tank Cannon:

  • Base attack: 400

War of the Worlds VIII: Memories of GaiaEdit

The Tank Cannon is a lot more subdued, but is still the strongest weapon. It is found when you battle Alex for the third time.

Tank Cannon
Base Damage: 180
Miss Chance: 0
Equipped by: Kyler

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