Promotes FromMyrmidon
Promotes To*none*
Usable Weapon TypesSword
Occult SkillsAstra

The Swordmaster is the promoted variation of the Myrmidon. These lightly armored foot soldiers are capable of dealing heavy damage and have an increased chance to deal critical attacks. Coupled with their high strength, the Swordmaster has a high amount of speed when compared to many of the other classes, giving them high accuracy and evasion, making them a very deadly class.

Generally, swordmasters are seen wielding curved swords (For the games, of course, that did not have separate weapon graphics).


While the defense rating has risen since the promotion from Myrmidon, the Swordmaster's defense is still considered lighter than normal classes. With this, the same weaknesses still apply to the class, but the strengths still do as well. With high speed and strength, Swordmasters deliver both strong and accurate attacks, and swift dodgers, making their counter attacks equally as formidable. Attacking these units outside their range with other high accuracy classes with magic or bows is recommended, but only if the ranged unit is also blocked by a stronger class to block the Swordmaster's advance. Also, swordmasters gain a 15% critical boost among promotion.

Player CharactersEdit

Michael can be promoted into a Swordmaster, and David is recruitable in chapter 23.

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