This page tells all possible supports between the characters in the Fire Emblem game.

  • Adam: Aeso, Benjamin, Jarrod, Joey, Kyler
  • Aeso: Adam, David, Nick, Saven
  • Alex: Joey, Kyler, NicKlos, Trevor
  • Amber: Amy, Crystal, Elaine, Grei, Nate
  • Amy: Amber, Elaine, Grei, Louie
  • Andrea: Grei, Josh, Mel, Saven, Yami
  • Ann: Jordan, Mande, Mel, Yami
  • Austin: Darek, Michael, Steven, Travis
  • Ben: Josh, Linda, Louie, NicKlos, Sam, Trevor, Warren
  • Benjamin: Adam, Cest, Cook, Jake, Linda, Hotari
Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
Benjamin Jacob Jake -- -- Warren --
+1 +1 +1 - - +1 -
  • Charlie: Crystal, James, Josh, Muzi, Nick, Steve
  • Cook: Benjamin, Jacob, Jake, Mande, Sara
  • Crystal: Amber, Charlie, Grei, Josh, Muzi, Yami
  • Dan: Darek, David, Nate, Steve
  • Darek: Austin, Dan, NicKlos, Warren, Rymo
  • David: Dan, James, Michael, Trevor
  • Elaine: Amber, Amy, Jerry, Linda, Nate
Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
Crystal Amber Saven Andrea -- -- Amy
+1 +.33 +1.33 +.33 - - +.33
  • Hotari: Benjamin, Mel, Rymo, Saven, Trevor
  • Jacob: Cest, Cook, Justin, Mel
  • Jake: Benjamin, Cest, Cook, Mande, NicKlos, Yami
  • James: Charlie, David, Nick, Steve
  • Jarrod: Adam, Joey, Jordan, Sam
  • Jerry: Elaine, Josh, Steve, Warren
  • Joey: Adam, Alex, Jarrod, Kyler
  • Jordan: Ann, Jarrod, Josh, Kyler
Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res. Speed
Jerry Crystal Justin -- Charlie Ben Andrea Jordan
+1.33 +1 +1 - +1.33 +1.33 +1.33 +1
  • Justin: Jacob, Josh, Kyler, Travis
  • Kyler: Adam, Alex, Joey, Jordan, Justin, Steve
  • Louie: Amy, Ben, Nate, Steve
  • Linda: Ben, Benjamin, Elaine, Sam
  • Mande: Ann, Cook, Jake, Muzi, Sara
  • Mel: Andrea, Ann, Hotari, Jacob, Muzi
  • Michael: Austin, David, Steven, Travis
  • Muzi: Charlie, Crystal, Mande, Mel, Rymo, Sara
  • Nate: Amber, Dan, Elaine, Louie
  • Nick: Aeso, Charlie, James, NicKlos, Travis
  • NicKlos: Alex, Ben, Darek, Jake, Nick
  • Rymo: Darek, Hotari, Muzi, Saven, Yami
  • Sam: Ben, Jarrod, Linda
  • Sara: Cook, Mande, Muzi, Steven, Yami
  • Saven: Aeso, Andrea, Grei, Hotari, Rymo
  • Steve: Charlie, Dan, Jerry, Kyler, Louie
  • Steven: Austin, James, Michael, Sara
  • Travis: Austin, Justin, Michael, Nick
Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
David -- Ben Alex Hotari Warren --
+1.33 - +1 +1.33 +1.33 +1.33 -
  • Warren: Ben, Cest, Darek, Jerry, Trevor
  • Yami: Ann, Andrea, Crystal, Jake, Rymo, Sara

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