Splits is a hero in Axem Adventure. Not much is known about him, due to him not appearing in other games. However, he is found at Big Castle, and is required to enter it. He has an access code, due to him once being an enemy (although the party doesn't battle him).

In battle, Splits has poor defense but fair resistance to magic, which is good because the only enemy remaining is Wizarg, a spellcaster. His entire moveset is healing based, and is pretty much the designated "Healer" of Axem Adventure.

Splits looks like a giant banana split sundae. His eyes and mouth are in the center scoop (vanilla) with chocolate on his left and strawberry on his right. His hands are basically bananas with fingers. On the bottom of his bowl, he has two tiny legs. Against physics, they hold him up perfectly.


My rendition of Splits

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