Sewer Master is a Boss in War of the Worlds X: Shadows of Skies, and is fought in the Sewer near the beginning of the game. He is the first boss, so he is fairly easy, but to ruin any difficulty, the guardian stones of Quartz, Opal, and Topaz emerge during this fight. He gets destroyed before he gets to attack. Defeating him earns 500 EXP.

He is a human that wears a giant rat skin cloak, and hides in sewers. He apparently likes sewers, and has a way to get around them quickly.

Sewer Master: 700 HP/0 MP.
Weaknesses: Psychic, Earth; Resistances: None; Absorbs: Poison, Air
Attacks: None.
Stolen Item: None; Dropped Items: None; Special: Opal, Topaz, & Quartz will show.

Sewage MasterEdit

To exact revenge on the party for his humiliating defeat, he ambushes the party later in the game. He attacks in the Sewage Drain near where Leviathan's side quest begins. He has more attacks and HP, but retains the weaknesses and is not a difficult battle. Sewage Master is considered a level 4 fight. Defeating him earns 300 EXP

Sewage Master: 1,250 HP/0 MP.
Weaknesses: Psychic, Earth, Lightning; Resistances: Any ailments; Absorbs: Poison,
Attacks: Sewage Wave (Hits all), Grand Train (Hits all).
Stolen Item: Sewerang; Dropped Items: None;

Stealing from Sewage Master is suggested, as there are no other ways to get a Sewerang.

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