Ryan Roter (simplified to Ryan R.) was once a Josh. However, due to the explosion at Oilrig, his entire body was destroyed, save for the upper right part containing his eye and ear. He has an entire body made out of machinery, with various plates mismatched in a Frankenstein-esque pattern, and is one of the commonly given examples of tragedy of the bombing. He really didn't like the attention this brought, and was in hiding when recruited. He still fears large crowds because of this. He is somewhat under empathic, due to his brain being half mechanical, but longs for the day when he can get a real body. He doesn't talk due to his mouth being stapled shut, a request he did after so many interviews.

He enjoys the company of the others effected by the explosion, such as Joey or Adam. He also enjoys being with androids, such as Robo, though how they communicate is unknown.

Ryan R. is an average fighter with below average speed. He uses claws as his weapons. He has mainly physical special attacks, such as hitting with his tail spikes. What used to be, and is usually his strongest special is Poison Steel Needle, which conjures a hand-sized steel needle covered in a fairly virulent poison and fling it at the opponent. He can accurately throw between the plates of most armored creatures, and is himself virtually immune to the attack due to it only affecting living targets.

Ryan R.'s strongest attack is called Maximum Override, but it is only effective against mechanical enemies. It also has the side effect of making him extremely weak, to the point where he may shut down or even die if he uses it. It involves causing the various wires and plugs inside his body to plug into the enemy, forcing it to shut down. However, it is an extreme last resort.

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