Robo is a powerful robot. He has a circular torso, and is mostly humanoid. His head is domed shaped and he has no neck. He is very stocky. On his back are two canisters, and a pipe that releases what is assumed to be his exhaust.

Robo has nearly every element at his disposal, and even has some healing moves. Because of this, plus his high defenses, he is very hard to take down. However, the one thing he does not have is speed. He is very slow, probably due to how heavy he is. Even so, he is a force to be reckoned with. The main weakness he has in video games is that he is usually hard to recruit. You usually have to make him by combining parts, and that's how he was created in his first appearance as well. In that game, he even had a toaster for a head piece.

Robo is based off of the character from Chrono Trigger.

See Hyper Robo for further evolutions.


War of the Worlds Found in Factory.

War of the Worlds VII: Y3K Obtained from the toymaker by giving him three items:

  • Jet Pack - Give Fuel Pack and Jet Fuel to Cneb
    • Fuel Pack - Found in a hidden passage in Oil Forest.
    • Jet Fuel - Found in a hidden passage in Gassy Way.
  • Steel Armor - Dropped by Steel Maximus on the third floor of Steel Building.
  • Power Ring - Found on the second floor of Rock Shrine (Requires Kelly).

War of the Worlds IX: Reversal Fought in Castle 1; Level 39. Obtained in Black version.

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