Ririchiyo Shirakiin
Emperortopaz's third assistant, Ririchiyo Shirakiin

First Blog

Example #219: Topaz x Boku SS

Blog Summary

Example #219: Topaz x Boku SS

Home Plane

Inu x Boku SS! Universe

Ririchiyo3 face

Ririchiyo wearing her glasses.

Origin and PersonalityEdit

Courtesy of the Inu x Boku SS! wiki. Warning, spoilers are aboutEdit

Ririchiyo does not make friends easily because of her family name and her natural haughtiness. She has been called a tsunshun instead of tsundere because she gets depressed (shun) instead of becoming lovestruck (dere) after behaving in a conceited manner. However, those who put in the effort to know her better soon come to understand her better, although strangers often feel insulted by the things that she says at times. She is also known to be quite sarcastic, too. She's very intelligent and takes things seriously; she also gets good grades in school and is also the top student of her year/school.

For the purposes of Emperortopaz's Anime Blog, Ririchiyo (or Riri, for short) replaced Rika Furude when the latter retired. They still hang out every so often as well and seem on good terms. Riri's actions in the blog are usually followed by a line in parenthesis, signalling her overthinking ways. She is also not quite as used to Topaz's eccentric nature and is taken aback of his ways quite often. However, as his favorite loli, Riri does have a way of reeling him in. She puts on a pair of glasses and scolds him in a dominant fashion. There's very little that Topaz can do against this much beauty.

Ririchiyo scored 80 points during her blog. She also appeared in ZettaiBlog 29: The Doll Maker not from Bucarest (maybe) alongside Topaz. After getting a major nosebleed, he sought comfort from her lap.


Prior image of Ririchiyo


Demon form image of Ririchiyo


Rika has long purple/blue hair in a hime cut, fitting her image as a miko. Her eyes are fairly droopy and purple, and she is the shortest character of all. On school days, Rika wears a white short sleeved shirt with a pink bow, a navy-blue skirt, navy suspenders, white socks and red or brown shoes. On free days, she wears a green sundress, with a white bow in the front and white sandals. During the Watanagashi Festival, she wears a traditional miko uniform, complete with a ornate hoe topped with tassels.

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