Rika Furude
Emperortopaz's second assistant, Rika Furude

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Example #91 Haruhi Suzumiya

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Example #143: A very Birthday Episode

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni universe.

So you weren't attracted to my firm yet supple buttocks? -1

Origin and PersonalityEdit

Courtesy of the Higurashi wiki. Warning, spoilers are aboutEdit

Rika often seems wise beyond her years. As a very young child during Himatsubushi-hen (which is set in June of 1978), she predicted her own death in June of 1983 to the visiting Akasaka Mamoru. Childish Rika has a tendency to speak using "cute" phrases; including sound effects and nonsense words such as "nipaa", "mii", cat sounds and saying "pachi pachi" (clap clap) while clapping her hands, all of which drives the cute-loving Ryūgū Rena wild. To add to her "cute" and feminine manner, Rika refers to herself with the pronoun "boku", which, although generally used by boys, is considered extremely cute when used by young Japanese girls. She does not address anyone with honorifics, and always greets people using their first names. In Japanese culture, this would be considered incredibly rude and even sometimes degrading, but being the Furude miko, no one seems to mind much.

Rika enjoys drinking wine and eating spicy things, to Hanyū's displeasure.

For the purposes of Emperortopaz's Anime Blog, Rika was summoned alongside Hanyū to face off against Haruhi. Neither was much help, as Hanyū was distracted and Rika sat around unhelpful. She even complained to Topaz about the lack of drinks. She's since refused to be unsummoned and apparently lives in Topaz's house. She likes to spend time with Ririchiyo, even after she took over Rika's job.

Rika also plays a part as Zettai's imouto in stories. However, her conduct is inappropriate to speak of on this website.

Rika scored a 74 during her blog by Emperortopaz and a 95 from ZettaiRyouiki during his fan blog.


Prior image of Rika


Rika has long purple/blue hair in a hime cut, fitting her image as a miko. Her eyes are fairly droopy and purple, and she is the shortest character of all. On school days, Rika wears a white short sleeved shirt with a pink bow, a navy-blue skirt, navy suspenders, white socks and red or brown shoes. On free days, she wears a green sundress, with a white bow in the front and white sandals. During the Watanagashi Festival, she wears a traditional miko uniform, complete with a ornate hoe topped with tassels.

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