Promotes FromBowyer
Promotes To*none*
Usable Weapon TypesBow, Earth magic
Occult SkillsDeadeye

The Ranger is a unique class, as it commonly requires both strength (for bows) and magic (for earth magic). Rangers also frequently have high speed and evade. Unlike most casters, they usually have the defenses to take hits, but are better when supported by stronger defense classes.


Unlike Snipers, Rangers can attack melee classes in melee with Earth Magic. Because of this, Rangers have very few weaknesses, and are strong attackers, especially against flyers. However, they cannot take advantage of the weapon triangle at all, and are medium-strength attackers. They do not share the 15% crit bonus that Snipers gain.

Player CharactersEdit

Charlie must be promoted from a Bowyer. However, Crystal is recruited as a Ranger in chapter 18.

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