Puffers is a odd character. He seems to be made of fecal matter, but is mostly seal-like in form. He has whiskers and bags under his eyes. Also, he seems to have a dog-like nose and mouth. He emits odors, and usually has a very serious cough. He isn't very pleasant to be around at all, but is interesting in an old-master kind of way. He is wise beyond his years. Out of battle, he is required to move the horse-donkey thing in front of Big Castle on Axem. He is also found in the Septic Tank in the Aqua version of War of the Worlds IX: Reversal.

Outside of his whip, he uses mainly poison-based and status moves. He's not very fast, but has the HP and defenses to hold up to a few attacks. It is unknown if he's able to change form easily like Matt #2 or Clayton can.


My rendition of Puffers

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