Do you want to get into the next selection of cards? These cards will help you inflict damage by gaining attack power quickly or getting additional monsters to the field.

Power of Life
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
PoL - 001 Avatar of Discord Secret Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 002 Forgotten Golem - Temple Guardian Common Normal Monster
PoL - 003 Eberr Mountain Smasher Common Effect Monster
PoL - 004 Veolot, Artillery of the Dark World Common Effect Monster
PoL - 005 Dover Demon Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 006 Darkblaze Wyvern Common Effect Monster
PoL - 007 Nightblaze Dragon Common Effect Monster
PoL - 008 Heartstopper Common Effect Monster
PoL - 009 Cure Fairy Common Effect Monster
PoL - 010 Dark Wombat Common Effect Monster
PoL - 011 Phalanx Formation Common Effect Monster
PoL - 012 Forgotten Golem - Fist of Bane Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 013 Spell-Catcher - Mark Common Effect Monster
PoL - 014 Forgotten Golem - Crushing Arm Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 015 Cyber Angel Dashing Hikaru Rare Ritual Monster
PoL - 016 Eberr Kyton Super Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 017 Perfected Elemental Lord ● Anaxim Super Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 018 Phaethon Super Rare Ritual Monster
PoL - 019 Umbral Blot Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 020 Forgotten Golem - Mithril Golem Super Rare Effect Monster
PoL - 021 Horned Toad Common Effect Monster
PoL - 022 Dragon Revelry Rare Normal Spell
PoL - 023 Golem Sanctuary Common Normal Spell
PoL - 024 Last Resort Ultra Rare Normal Spell
PoL - 025 Safety Colosseum Common Field Spell
PoL - 026 Playing the Slots Common Normal Spell
PoL - 027 Spell of Seclusion Super Rare Normal Spell
PoL - 028 Vengence of Imposter Rare Normal Spell
PoL - 029 Reddopsi Super Rare Equip Spell
PoL - 030 Life Flower Ultra Rare Normal Spell
PoL - 031 Healing Shower Common Normal Spell
PoL - 032 Archfiend's Rain Rare Normal Spell
PoL - 033 Seismic Convulsion Common Ritual Spell
PoL - 034 C-C-C-Combo Breaker Ultra Rare Counter Trap
PoL - 035 Out of Synch Rare Normal Trap
PoL - 036 Golem Recovery Common Normal Trap
PoL - 037 Bribery Super Rare Continuous Trap
PoL - 038 Maginot Line Super Rare Continuous Trap
PoL - 039 Sketchbook Common Continuous Trap
PoL - 040 Eberr Continuous Force Common Normal Trap

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