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Usable Weapon TypesAxe
Occult Skills*none*

Phantoms (alt. Ghostsoldiers) are a class of undead fighters. They are brought into existence by use of the Summon command, usable only by Necromancers, depending on their current class.

Phantoms are locked at 1 HP, 0 Defence, and 0 Resistance. This is to stop them from being used to complete levels with no danger to the party. Each Necromancer can also only have one phantom active at a time. Phantoms are created at whatever level the Summoner is at. Phantoms cannot trade with other players so if they get a droppable weapon, they keep it, and if they are killed or when the level is finished, the weapon disappears. Phantoms can travel over water and mountains.

When summoned, Phantoms are given stats according to the summoner and the summoner's level, and a random Axe, either an Iron Axe, a Killer Axe, a Devil Axe, or a Tomahawk. The stats of a Phantom are dependent on the necromancer, with the magic of the summoner going into the Phantom's strength. The Skill and Speed stats are the same as the casters.

Interestingly, a glitch that can aid you is that enemy Necromancers don't summon Phantoms if there is a phantom on the field.

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