Pegasus Lord
Promotes FromPegasus Knight
Promotes ToN/A
Usable Weapon TypesLances, Swords
Occult SkillsStun

Regardless of the name, the Pegasus Lords still fight from the backs of Pegasus. After upgrading from the Pegasus Knight, The Pegasus Lord receives slight boosts to their defense and constitution, but these stats can still be considered below average in comparison to other character classes. Their ability to use swords boosts combat efficiency in the sense that they have no real weapon weakness.


Overall, these characters will still fight and support their allies in the same way they did in their Pegasus Knight forms. Arrows should be feared, but the ability to close in on archers from a long distance can easily be utilized to deal with ranged units. Pegasus Lords are a bit more resistant to magic, but avoiding mages is still recommended. If you can use other characters to remove any archers or mages, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do so before sending in Pegasus Knights.

Player CharactersEdit

Mande, the first promoted unit that joins, is a Pegasus Lord when she joins the party. In addition, both Ann and Mel are able to become Pegasus Lords at a certain level.

Once all three are Pegasus Lords, they can use a Triangle Attack.

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