Pegasus Knight
Promotes FromN/A
Promotes ToPegasus Lord
Usable Weapon TypesLances
Occult SkillsN/A

The Pegasus Knight is a unit class who fights on a flying Pegasus mount with a Lance. These characters have the ability to fly over normally impassable terrain for long distances, a natural ability to fear should you be facing air units. Pegasus Knights tend to have very low defense and health, making them a little more fragile than other characters. Their high speed is their saving grace, easily avoiding attacks. They are Female-only class.


The Pegasus Knight may seem fragile, but they are one of the most useful classes to have on the field. Their ability to fly giving them obvious advantages over opponents and the ability to use the rescue command allows them to be used as a type of transport for ground units. When attacking, it is always important to pay attention to your enemies, as pegasus knights are weak against archers. However, they tend to have decent Resistance in most games of the series. While Pegasus Knights tend to focus on Speed more than Defense, Defense is also present which makes them less fragile than Myrmidons (On the other hand, one could say that Myrmidons have more HP.)

Being a Flying-type class, they are especially weak to bows. Because of this, it is suggested to not use them on maps with ballistas.

Player CharactersEdit

Both Ann and Mel start out as Pegasus Knights. Mande, the first promoted unit, is already a Pegasus Lord when she joins the party.

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