This is about Nick from the Fire Emblem game. If you are looking for another Nick, try Nick (disambiguation)

The Simple BerserkerEdit

Nick is first found as a sort of bodyguard of Jordan, and is found in chapter 8.

Nick is very simple. He doesn't really care about where he is, as long as he's fighting, and doesn't usually listen to people. He also has a phrase that he repeats (durr...) and occasionally runs into buildings. Aeso once thought that he was a very wise person, as he thinks of nothing at all. However, rather than nirvana, this is attributed to stupidity.

Nick is a fairly weak character. He is overshadowed by Ben in the early game, and doesn't compare well to any of the other axe wielders. His low resistance and poor stat gains are also a major problem. Finally, although his skill Parity does cancel out opponent's skills, it also negates the usage of good skills on him.

Nick starts out at level 5, and promotes into a Berserker. He starts with a D rank in Axes.

Death call: "...Dur?..."
Level HP Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
5 35 12 0 10 15 5 8 0
Chance up per level 37% 31% 0% 17% 23% 20% 14% 3%
Promotion 4 3 1 2 2 0 2 2
Estimated 20 52 26 1 18 25 12 15 3

Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
Benjamin -- Charlie James NicKlos Travis --
+1 - +1.33 +.33 +1.33 +.33 -

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