The Murder Claw is a claw-type weapon that is considered legendary in Nyntindois tomes. It is basically a black leather glove. However, the wearer can create long metal claws from their knuckles. Five appear, one from each knuckle. The claws are made of an unknown substance, presumably adamantine. The claws can punch through a steel car with even a small amount of force. They are usually a slashing weapon, requiring the entire arm to slash with the sharp edges, but the points can also be used if the victim is restrained.

The claws are linked by the fingers of the user. Thus, whenever the user moves their fingers, the claws move as well. This means that it takes quite a lot of practice to not harm themselves. It is usually a Digger weapon, and Chris currently uses one.

The claw gets its name from a famous assassin who used them. He had a lot of notoriety, but his name was withheld.

War of the Worlds XI: Destiny's CallEdit

The Murder Claw is obtained by collecting the 4 Ancient Metals in Rock Mine. It is a Fist-type weapon.

Murder Claw
Base Damage: 160
Slots: 2 tied, 2 tied
Equipped by: Rob
Special: +5 Strength, Stamina, +2 Speed.

War of the Worlds XII: Return of RuteorEdit

The Murder Claw is Austin's best weapon. It is obtained by bringing 5 Demon's Tinklers to the Topaz Smithy.

Murder Claw
Base Damage: 139
Accuracy: 217
Equipped by: Austin
x1.5 Critical damage.

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