This is a page for Mii versions of the characters from Zettai's Perfect Harem and Topaz's Perfect Harem.

Topaz's HaremEdit

HNI 0013 HNI 0018 HNI 0019

HNI 0014 HNI 0015 HNI 0016

HNI 0017 Haruka HNI 0035

Tina Himawari Kaguya

Kaede Miyuki Miku

Hitomi Mei

Zettai's HaremEdit

HNI 0007 HNI 0021 HNI 0008

HNI 0009 HNI 0010 HNI 0011

HNI 0012 Ayako HNI 0036

Akari Yuuko Karin

Tamaki Ruri Lilianne

Yoshiko Reika

(alternate versions of Hiroko)

HNI 0020 HNI 0022

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