This is a page for Mii versions of the characters from Zettai's Perfect Harem and Topaz's Perfect Harem. Notice that some hair/eye combinations are incorrect. This is more to do with the restricted format of the 3DS.

Topaz's HaremEdit

Jade HNI 0013 Jade2
Topaz HNI 0018 -
Maeka HNI 0019 Maeka2
Emi HNI 0014 Emi2
Chizuru HNI 0015 Chizuru2
Maya HNI 0016 Maya2
Souta HNI 0017 Souta2
Haruka Haruka Haruka2
Natsume HNI 0035 Natsume2
Tina Tina Tina2
Himawari Himawari Himawari2
Kaguya Kaguya Kaguya2
Kaede Kaede Kaede2
Miyuki Miyuki Miyuki2
Miku Miku Miku2
Hitomi Hitomi Hitomi2
Mei Mei Mei2
Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte2
Fumika Fumika Fumika2

Updated GirlsEdit

Maeka Maeka
Emi Emi
Chizuru Chizuru
Jade Jade
Maya Maya
Souta Souta
Haruka Haruka
Natsume Natsume
Tina Tina
Himawari Himawari
Kaguya Kaguya
Kaede Kaede
Miyuki Miyuki
Miku Miku
Hitomi Hitomi
Mei Mei
Charlotte Charlotte
Fumika Fumika
Yukiho Yukiho
Shion Shion
Aoi Aoi
Aya Aya
Lydia Lydia
Hinata Hinata
Takumi Takumi
Magisa Magisa
Maria Maria
Tiki Tiki
Selvaria Selvaria
Reisen Reisen
Asuka Asuka
Natsuki Natsuki

Zettai's HaremEdit

Hiroko HNI 0007 Hiroko2
Zettai HNI 0021 -
Asuho HNI 0008 Asuho2
Sayo HNI 0009 Sayo2
Marika HNI 0010 Marika2
Rin HNI 0011 Rin2
Yuno HNI 0012 Yuno2
Ayako Ayako Ayako2
Setsuna HNI 0036 Setsuna2
Akari Akari Akari2
Yuuno Yuuko Yuuko2
Karin Karin Karin2
Tamaiki Tamaki Tamaki2
Ruri Ruri Ruri2
Lillianne Lilianne Lillianne2
Yoshiko Yoshiko Yoshiko2
Reika Reika Reika2
Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth2
Anastasia Anastasia Anastasia2

Updated GirlsEdit

Hiroko Hiroko3
Asuho Asuho3
Rin Rin2
Sayo Sayo2
Marika Marika2
Yuno Yuno2
Ayako Ayako2
Akari Akari3
Yuuko Yuuko2
Karin Karin2
Tamaki Tamaki2
Ruri Ruri2
Lilianne Lilianne2
Yoshiko Yoshiko2
Reika Reika2
Elizabeth Elizabeth2
Anastasia Anastasia2
Nebetah Nebetah2
Miyabi Miyabi2
Maunaloa Maunaloa2
Aika Aika2
Heren Heren2
Fen Fen2
Ran Ran2
Anko Anko2
Tsurara Tsurara
Cecilia Cecilia
Nadia Nadia
Umiko Umiko
Shizuka Shizuka
Xenia Xenia

Reject PileEdit

Chihiro Chihiro2
Shun Shun

(alternate versions of Hiroko)

HNI 0020 HNI 0022