The latest booster pack by Chaos josh. This deck includes support for dark type monsters, especially "Dark Counterpart" cards. Also, this is the first set by Chaos josh to include an Ultimate Rare card in every pack. Collect yours today!

Magical Genesis
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
MaG - 001 Avatar of Woe Secret Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 002 Light Magician Common Normal Monster
MaG - 003 Black Rose of Doom Common Normal Monster
MaG - 004 Dark Fire Queen Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 005 Spell Recycler Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 006 Dark Needle Worm Super Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 007 Giant Black Seasnake Common Effect Monster
MaG - 008 Great Battleguard Common Fusion Monster
MaG - 009 Potted Plant Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 010 Silt Crawler Common Effect Monster
MaG - 011 Fleeing Swarm Common Effect Monster
MaG - 012 Chaos Command Demolitionist Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 013 Chaos Command Scout Common Effect Monster
MaG - 014 Dark Guardian Sphinx Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 015 Dark Hysteric Fairy Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 016 Dark Guardian Angel Joan Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 017 Dark Injection Fairy Lily Super Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 018 4-Leaf Clover Common Effect Monster
MaG - 019 Venom Flower Common Effect Monster
MaG - 020 Djinni Spirit Rare Fusion Monster
MaG - 021 Theiving Stooge Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 022 Trap Genius Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 023 Fur Trapper Super Rare Effect Monster
MaG - 024 Tower Shield Common Equip Spell
MaG - 025 Phantom Weakness Rare Quick-Play Spell
MaG - 026 Dummy Common Equip Spell
MaG - 027 Chaos Command Blitzkrieg Ultra Rare Normal Spell
MaG - 028 Effect Theft Common Normal Spell
MaG - 029 Preventive Strike Common Normal Spell
MaG - 030 Preventive Draw Common Normal Spell
MaG - 031 Vunerable Warship Super Rare Continuous Trap
MaG - 032 Thunder Blast Rare Normal Trap

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