Kyler Ulysses 7911




Mukk, Morac


Pistol, Swoop, Golden Bazooka


Fire Wall (Creates a wall of fire)
Fire Ball(Throws ball of fire at enemies)
Silver Bullet (Attempts to instantly defeat opponents in a single shot)
Inferno (encircles opponent with fire)




June 8



Kyler 7911 is one of the main six characters in the series. He's been around since the first game, but his attacks have radically changed. On the other hand, during the transition to the current images, he has changed very little. His middle name, Ulysses, was inspired by the hero Ulysses way back in Destiny's day. He even wears a custom suit to look like him.

Kyler has two main personality traits. The first is that he really enjoys a good drink, and seems drunk most of the time. He is particularly angry at his minions if they awake him after drinking as well. However, while he does drink alot, his body uses it as fuel for his fire-based attacks, or so he says. As such, he sobers up in battle fairly quickly. Some people think he can process alcohol extremely quickly compared to normal joshes, and the drunken antics are just a clever ruse. This is because he is one of the best marksmen.

Lately, Kyler has shown his second trait. He acts somewhat like a mob boss, ordering a few gem carriers and other minions around to do his dirty work. It is said that he got this way from being in a speeder gang. He commands Justin, Joey, Adam Rhoni, and Anthony, and acts as a sort of leader. He is also the main driver of the Eagle, and enjoys collecting many firearms. He seems to be racist as well, preferring to hire mainly joshes and Fist foxes, and not being exactly merciful to other species.

Early on, Kyler did not have fire-based attacks like he does today. His attacks revolved around his spiked suit and Swoop. He also had an attack that caused enemies to become frightened, lowering their offensive capacity. However, somehow he got the Fire Elemental power, and the rest became history. He no longer accepts the way he once was, and never uses those attacks anymore. He also, somewhere through the years, developed one of the highest constitution among the heroes, presumably from all the drinking.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

Kyler has a very intimidating statue. He usually wears a reddish-purple suit with a multitude of spikes on it. His shoulder spikes are particularly impressive. He also wears a full-face helmet, meaning that the only thing showing is his bright red eyes. For a josh, he is surprisingly buff, at over 6 feet tall and and has a good strength score.

Without his suit, Kyler is a darker-furred josh with a spiked collar and bracelets. He shows his age in his face, showing some wrinkles, though isn't particularly old-looking, but more distinguished. He claims to require the suit to protect his minor radiation (due to prolonged exposure to Ruby) from leaking on other people.

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