Were you looking for Kyler?

Kyle is a powerful and strong Fist fox. He is usually restrained by Nickolas, however. He is also often seen with John, though it is unknown why. He also knows Kelly, presumably from meetings since appearing.

Kyle is a berserker, meaning that he often has fits of rage where he is difficult to control. His strength is very high when he's like this, though Nick usually sedates him before he is able to cause much damage. His special ability, besides losing himself in a berserk manner, is to Mad Rush the enemy, attacking without any thought of defense. This is not to say that he is difficult to defeat though. Although his defensive powers are lower, he has the Stamina to endure blows.

He is wrapped in bandages that seem to be from previous injuries. He wears a pair of shorts and shoes as well. His main weapon is a broadsword called Predator. It is a bright red color, with a purple edge. It is about as large as he is, which considering he's a fairly large fist fox, is quite a weight to carry around.

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