This is for the sea serpent Nyntindois creature. For the leader of the water tower, see Kracken

Kraken is a sea serpent creature that was designed from the Earthbound creature. He has a long, green, eel-like body that ends in a fin. The fin and the crest on the back of his head are red. He has a fairly large mouth with two fangs sticking out on either side, even when he closes his mouth. His eyes are not seen, but

Although strange for his size, Kraken is fairly gentle. He doesn't enjoy fighting, but will do it to defend a friend. He is close friends with Whity and Polls, and unusually, even Josh 1510. The latter is due to a childhood friendship.

Bionic KrakenEdit

Bionic Kraken is Kraken's stronger form, and the name and coloring are also from Earthbound. However, while the Earthbound sprite was merely a palette swap, he has a much more spectacular look on Nyntindois. He retains the same size, and is turned a pink-ish color. However, from his nose, which is now noticeable, he has a series of red crests going down to his ending tail fin, with the one at the back of his head especially pronounced. He has three more sets of fins, one on his head, and where his arms and legs would be if he was humanoid. he has visible eyes in this form.

Bionic Kraken, being bionic and all, has a very metal or synthetic look to him. He has a helmet on his upper head, leaving holes only for his fins, eyes, and nose. His mouth is entirely metal and he has a fairly powerful laser in his mouth. The laser is retracted when his mouth is shut. Along his body are various metal plates, and around his stomach is a series of green tubes that don't seem to be used for anything. His back fin is stitched together metal pieces.

Bionic Kraken is very strong, and is Demi-god level. He can easily defeat most gods, except the Sexticle and a few others, and has a chance at defeating some weaker third stages, though not very likely. His strongest attack, named Bionic Blast, shoots out a laser that can obliterate most foes, especially because it is one of the strongest non-elemental attacks.

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