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Knights also known as Armor Knights or Armors, are heavily armored foot units that usually use lances. They are generally very slow, but have very good defense and attack. They usually upgrade to Generals.


Knights are powerful because their defense and HP is usually so high that it can hold off a variety of attackers for a number of turns while dealing out solid damage. Due to this it's a good idea to put out your Knights to stall a strong character or protect a weak one so they generally work best on the front lines. Movement for Knights tends to be low, so useage of boots is often recommended. The main threat to a knight is the Armorslayer or Hammer, as that can almost take out a Knight and it isn't difficult to access due to its fairly low weapon level, other varients do exist though such as the Rapier. The main weakness of Knights is that they have little to no Resistance so Magic attacks can penetrate their defense without a lot of difficulty .

Player CharactersEdit

Travis, a level 4, Knight joins in Chapter 2. Afterward, Cook joins in Chapter 9 at level 5. Both Elaine and Matthew are assumed to have been knights at some point.

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