Kimiko Topaz
Emperortopaz's first assistant, Kimiko Topaz

First Blog

Example #73 Sakuya Izayoi

Blog Summary

Example #100: Super Awesome Topaz Hundredth Blog Special!

Home Plane

Original character in the Touhou universe (Gensokyo)

Origin and PersonalityEdit

Kimiko Topaz was originally conceived as a female version of Topaz to explore the Touhou universe and allow more interaction between the characters and myself. However, in just a few blogs her personality grew into a separate character. She became much more snarky towards me, providing a great foil that would eventually be a reoccuring feature for the other assistants after her (Rika and Ririchiyo). Topaz has fallen towards the background, but that's mainly due to not having been in the Touhou universe (or any gaming one, for that matter).

Topaz likes being referred to as "Topaz", leading to some confusing interaction as the author is also "Topaz". To fix this, Topaz prefers to call the author "Empry". Kimiko got her name as it means "Empress", so while the author is "Emperortopaz she's "Empresstopaz". Topaz and the author are also very alike, both enjoying large breasts and naughty situations. Topaz's danmaku powers are thanks to her love of meganekkos.

Overall, Topaz scored a total of 72 points for her blog. Not too terribly impressive, but by no means a poor score.


Prior image of Kimiko


Kimiko has short-ish brown hair held up with a baseball cap. She wears a white button-up shirt, blue pants, and black shoes. She has a mostly slender build.

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