Kelly is a Fist fox that originated in War of the Worlds. He was once considered the strongest character, and is still one of the strongest. The only reason he is not is because he is unable to change forms. He is still a strong character, and is very muscular. He can hold an adult male up long enough to strangle them using only one hand. Additionally, in many games he is tasked with destroying weak walls, and can destroy them by punching them. However, even though he has the strength to do damage, his speed is lacking. He also has a poor defense against spells.

Kelly does not have many special moves. He has an uppercut special and a move that uses a tiny bit of earth-based power called Seismic Fist.

He usually wears either a muscle shirt and work out shorts or a one piece toga-type suit with it going over his left shoulder. Either way, he enjoys people seeing his muscles and is very vain. He often flexes to show of his body. He was once Kyler's number one man, but has seen less work due to his other followers, especially after Adam Rhoni gained the power of Onyx.

Kelly, when not trying to impress others, is very much a jock. He picks on others and is fairly mean. He also gets angry sometimes, and is hard to control. He will injure those that call Kelly a girl's name to him fairly badly. He seems to be friends with Kyle, though the individual relationship seems to be based on a friendly rivalry.

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