The Karma is a swallow-type weapon that is used often. It is also used by Steve Asura, though only as a second resort. The blades on either side are extremely dangerous, as they make up a full triangle rather than having holes.

In some occasions, Karma has an alternative power. As its name infers, as the wielder is more wounded, it damages the opponent more and more. Occasionally, if the wielder has enough inherent spell power, it can reflect an attack at the opponent.

War of the Worlds XI: Destiny's CallEdit

The Karma is added to the inventory when Kenisis returns in Topaz Swamp. It is a Swallow-type weapon.

Base Damage: 30
Slots: 2 tied, 3 untied
Equipped by: Kenisis
Special: HP loss is added to final damage; Ignores Defense.

War of the Worlds XII: Return of RuteorEdit

Base Damage: 78
Accuracy: 190
Equipped by: Steve

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