K.Rool is a boss in the Nyntindois Series, yet he did not originate there. He is based off of K.Rool from Donkey Kong Country. However, there is one major difference. K. Rool in the Nyntindois has a giant eye where his stomach would be. In other words, he normally looks like a fat humanoid lizard, but he can grow to a giant size before revealing his eye. The eyes in his head shut when using the giant one.

K.Rool's main offense is threefold. First, he can shoot lasers and lightning from his giant eye. This is his only magical attack. He can also cover his opponent in scales, presumably loose ones from his own body. He is not effected by this attack. Finally, in a maneuver that makes no sense, he can fling his giant eye at the opponent. It is connected by an optical nerve, so it does not have much range. In addition, the area behind his eye is especially vulnerable, and is his weak spot.

K.Rool hasn't been seen since War of the Worlds. Like Ginas, it is unknown how he got to Nyntindois. It is presumed that he was brought by Full Spy.


War of the WorldsEdit

K.Rool is fought twice. The first time is in Robo Cave, alongside Ruffs where he has 1,450 HP. The second time is in U.F.O. Cave, and he has 3,800 HP.

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