Juniper Malaki is a Necromancer/Elementalist in the Guild Wars Universe. She has two forms, her normal form and a "Dark" form, with each having a different personality. Juniper Malaki was based off of a character from a manga that never really took off (see Prince Zephyr). She is pale and thin, and has short red hair that is combed over one eye. She usually wears black leather armor.

Juniper's nice side is fairly friendly. However, she is very anemic and vulnerable. She's also fairly shy, and prefers to use blood-based necromancer attacks. Her personal favorite is Blood is Power, which greatly increases mana gain. She also enjoys slowly decreasing health with Life Siphon and Rotting Flesh. She also enjoys to solo with certain other spells, but doesn't enjoy it. She is frail, and known to "die" for no reason. From her words, she's nearly been buried alive and cremated.

Malaki is the "Dark" side, and only comes out at times that are required. She enjoys to see others suffer, and uses both fire magic and death magic. She has runes all over her body that glow when she casts spells, and wears a much skimpier outfit in this form. She knows of Juniper's actions outside of when she's in control of the body, but that does not transfer to Juniper's control and she usually uses unconsciousness to swap forms. She tends to yell fairly loud.

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