This article is about Jordan from the PSWhoa comics. For other uses of the word "Jordan", see Jordan (disambiguation).

Jordan is a leading character of PSWhoa. He has been close friends with Josh since the two were children, and is one of the reasons most of the allied forces are together as well. He is very rich, presumably by defeating Chaos Sorcerers, and for that reason requires a bodyguard. However, this bodyguard is Exhi!e, who is easily distracted by females. However, there is no reason that Jordan himself isn't weak. He is the strongest mage character, easily. This is even though Charlie has a higher base MST, because she doesn't train in it. He usually uses the Double Saber, as it is a multi-hit weapon that can restore TP.

Jordan's favorite technique is Gifoie, which he uses at every opportunity. He also likes Grants as well, as no creature really resists it. If there is a person who needs healing, Jordan is also likely to cast Resta or Reverser.

Jordan's out fit consists of a robe (not dress), a face cloth, and a large hat. His entire wardrobe is blue. He wears this because he doesn't really enjoy sunlight and getting burned (though he still wears it to underground areas such as Seabed or Ruins). However, underneath is a very handsome and youthful figure with long hair. This side of Jordan is rarely seen, and first seen in the Olga Flow battle.

Jordan has a sister Angie, who he is very protective with. However, it is said that he would like to get in her pants, which may or may not be a Smelly Butt Fungus moment. His favorite victims to attack due to flirting are Exhi!e and Hidden Death. He also has slept with Charlie, who he is usually paired with in canon, and Shiek, though that may be a bit one sided. He has a very perverted nature, and has been shown to read and watch pornography. Much like his friend Josh, he is very awkwardly perverted, and is put into scenes to get flustered and embarassed. Also like Josh, he enjoys cracking up at bad jokes, such as Duty.

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