Jacob Ace




Ben Canyon, Zigastone




Orb Bolt (Sends an orb of electricity at opponent)
Psuedodragon (Sends an illusionary electrical dragon to attack enemies)
Tornado & Scythe (Sends a mini-tornado and weapon to attack opponents)
Seal of Ancients (Seals enemies attacks and movement with a arcane circle)




November 12



Jake Ace is one of the main six characters in the series. He is the main mage in the series, and usually has the highest magic attack or magic points in the game. He is also extremely fast. However, he is also usually the least durable, though since Justin has arrived he is usually second-to-worse. He is fairly arrogant, and doesn't work well as a team. He also has a habit of saying things in a complicated manner.

Jake has two hobbies: Video Games and Arcane study. He originally met Josh during a tournament of the Super Mogu Brothers. Jake came in second, and Josh won the Mogu Knife. Since then, he has won multiple competitions, due to his high intelligence. He can usually calculate equations in his head in precious seconds, though not as fast as Josh.

Arcane lore is one of Jake's current fascinations. He's usually reading some arcane book, trying to find out ways to make his spells more powerful. Occasionally, he attacks innocent people to see how his studies are progressing. This doesn't happen often, as he's usually trying it out in battles. Jake, being a disciple of Diamond, prefers to use storm magic, especially electrical attacks. His orb bolt is very powerful, and is his general offense. His Psuedodragon spell is devastating, but won't work if you know the trick (it is actually an illusion). He doesn't use Tornado and Scythe, as it is a physical move, and he uses seal of the ancients either when facing an opponent that would be difficult to target, or to totally destroy a weak opponent.

Jake uses a variety of Flake-type weapons for his offense. To see more information, go to that page.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

Jake looks like a basic Whirlamajig. He has a fairly strong propeller, and two arms. He usually uses weapons that are larger than him, but uses extradimensional spaces to store it in.

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