Ironclaw is a robot that looks like a rather large crab. It is blue, and is about the size of a washing machine. It has a smoke stack and an antenna sticking out of his rather flat head. Finally, it has two large claws, both of which can cut through most living creatures.

It has three main offenses. First, it can attack people with his aforementioned claws. However, it has the magical prowess to prefer its two non-physical attacks. It can create an orb made out of static electricity and throw it with its claws. The orb is not very big, but still deals a good amount of damage. The second attack that is magical causes vibrations in his claws and sends out a certain type of radio wave. These waves are fairly useful to disrupt opponents.

Ironclaw is a fairly normal automaton. It doesn't have many feelings, and would rather just go on his way, waddling as he walks. However, it is attracted to magnetic energies, and if subjected to too much energy is transformed into...


Mangaclaw is Ironclaw's form when it absorbs too much magnetic energy. The name is based off of Magnet, not the Japanese comics. In this form, it is Elemental-power level. If it attacks without much regard for targets, it will use up the magnetic energy and revert far too quickly. Many of its attacks are based on magnetic strength, with pushing and pulling being a common theme. It also has some sonic and electrical attacks.

Magnaclaw looks like a large insect mixed with a fiddler and hermit crab. It has a bug like face, with two eyes that look like an insects, but are actually sonar-powered. It also has two large antenna coming off of his eyes, and a electronic antenna on top, which controls him. It has a humanoid torso, but is fairly armored. Its arms are crab like, and his right claw is over three times larger than his left.

The bottom half of Magnaclaw is fairly unknown, because it hides that half in a large metal shell, similar to a hermit crab. He has at least four legs that extend out of the shell for movement purposes.


Ironclaw is not seen in many Nyntindois games, but is usually a summon in the Reactor series.

War of the Worlds X: Shadows of SkiesEdit

Ironclaw is summoned from the Iron Orb, and requires you to use the oil can on Ironclaw himself. He is not very powerful, but is useful early on. He is electric-based.

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