The Suave GuardianEdit

Grei, in the words of Crystal, is a dirty old man. However, he is the guardian of the Elemental Gems in Fire Emblem, so he is very useful plot-wise. However, he is less powerful than a well-trained Jarrod, due to the latter's Bane ability. In addition, he has very poor stat growth (though he has very few levels remaining by the time you get him. However, he does have the highest MAG of a character who is forced to use staffs (only Steve's is better), and is very close to an S rank in staves, so he makes for a good healer.

In supports, Grei attempts to be a Casanova, but fails spectacularly. Due to this, he does not have a good support system as others, with 3 characters only giving him 1/3 a bonus each rank.

Grei is nearly auto-recruited in chapter 26. The only reason he would not join is if you have no females in the party, which requires you to not recruit any, and also kill off Mande, Andrea, Sara, Mel, Crystal, Yami, Muzi, and Hotari, as they are all auto-recruited. Even if he is not a member, he still joins the battle in chapter 26 as a neutral unit. Getting Grei to join is important, because if he makes it to the final chapter, he will obtain the S-rank Light magic Mu.

Death call: "So...many.. women... I haven't... HURK!."
Level HP Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
16 31 15 25 15 23 23 13 26
Chance up per level 25% 0% 75% 25% 25% 0% 0% 0%
Estimated 20 32 15 28 16 24 23 13 26
Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
Crystal Amber Saven Andrea -- -- Amy
+1 +.33 +1.33 +.33 - - +.33

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