Spoiler Card List

Don't forget the power of this Structure Deck! Don't take the defensive nature of this deck for Granite. Leave your opponents in the dirt. Okay, enough Rock-type jokes...

Really, I need to stop it. It's not funny to other people...

Forgotten Kingdom is a new Structure Deck based on Rock-type monsters. The high defenses and effects of the Forgotten Golems will protect your life points as you slowly whittle away their life points! Use the new Ultra Rare card "Forgotten Golem - Crystal Guardian", and attack at will.

Forgotten Kingdom
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Quantity Rarity Category
FKD-001 Forgotten Golem - Crystal Guardian x1 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
FKD-002 Giant Soldier of Stone x1 Common Normal Monster
FKD-003 Forgotten Golem - Clay Packing x3 Common Effect Monster
FKD-004 Forgotten Golem - Clay Wall x2 Common Effect Monster
FKD-005 Forgotten Golem - Iron Wall x2 Common Effect Monster
FKD-006 Forgotten Golem - Spike Wall x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-007 Forgotten Golem - Invisible Wall x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-008 Forgotten Golem - Mirror Construct x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-009 Forgotten Golem - Weakening Tiles x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-010 Forgotten Golem - Dynamite Keg x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-011 Forgotten Golem - Maintenance System x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-012 Forgotten Golem - Invincible Fortress x1 Common Ritual Monster
FKD-013 Forgotten Golem - Support Post x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-014 Giant Rat x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-015 Megarock Dragon x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-016 Mine Golem x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-017 Lost Guardian x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-018 Golem Sentry x1 Common Effect Monster
FKD-019 Yellow Luster Shield x1 Common Continuous Spell
FKD-020 Forgotten Golem Ritual x1 Common Ritual Spell
FKD-020 Canyon x1 Common Field Spell
FKD-021 Tornado x1 Common Quick-Play Spell
FKD-023 Counting Crystals x1 Common Continuous Spell
FKD-024 Amnesia x1 Common Normal Spell
FKD-025 Brain Control x1 Common Normal Spell
FKD-026 Monster Reborn x1 Common Normal Spell
FKD-027 Smashing Ground x1 Common Normal Spell
FKD-028 Eternal Shield x1 Common Equip Spell
FKD-029 Golem Shield x1 Common Continuous Trap
FKD-030 Golem Wall x2 Common Normal Trap
FKD-031 Dust Tornado x1 Common Normal Trap
FKD-032 Light of Intervention x1 Common Continuous Trap
FKD-033 Tribute Retrieval x1 Common Normal Trap
FKD-034 Release from Stone x1 Common Continuous Trap
FKD-035 Rock Bombardment x1 Common Normal Trap

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