Fish Fry, while evil looking, is actually fairly friendly. He is a reptilian-like bipedal sea-creature. He is mainly green, except for his claws, a crest on his head, and his back, which includes spines. All these are a blood red color. He also has sizable fangs. He also has a sort of evil eye.

For a monster and summon, he is about average. His attacks, besides his physical strength include a small amount of electric strikes. However, he does have one of the oddest attacks. He leaps into a ball off the ground and fires a projectile at the opponent. The weirdest part is that this a fish. It is unknown how and why he has this attack, but it is usually fairly effective.

Like most aquatic creatures, he is not used often used. He seems to have common opponent in Skuba, and an ally in Polls, Whity, and Kraken. He is especially familiar with the latter two as he is considered a monster as well.

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