Since the beginning of PSWhoa, the topic of swearing has been a touchy one. I have a hard time swearing. Originally, they weren't going to use any, but it became difficult to use Hidden Death and his crass nature without them. In a creative touch, the swear words are covered by an *explictive* sign. Even written words are censored in this way. This has been Retcon'd into the Federal United Censorship Kuriboh's work, and even his stomach (which contains the initials to his name) are censored. It seems to be activated by pressing a specific button.

Occasionally, he mistakes words for their similar swear-sounding names. One example is the story of Charlie's quest to get dam water. Another was the Ass Contest (in relation to the donkey-like creature).

It is misspelled, and has carried as a reminder of my poor spelling. The correct spelling is Expletive.