Exhi!e's Secret Button is a powerful custom item in the PSWhoa Universe. It has the ability to disrobe a person, but usually only works on Shiek. This is due to her always wearing expensive clothing and it being especially vulnerable, or, as Exhi!e says, "Push Button = Boobies". Of course, it is misused in Exhi!e's hands. It was "first" introduced in Charlie's personal comic, but due to his laziness, he has not released that comic.

During comic Dirty Laundry & Hiccup, Exhi!e remastered the Secret Button to work on the nearest person. When Charlie wanted to confiscate it, he ate it. Afterward, it activated every time he hiccuped. However, he got in more trouble because he kept on getting injured by it. He managed to remove clothes from the following people:

  • Charlie - was left uninjured.
  • Skunky - also left uninjured.
  • Angie - Gifoie'd by Jordan
  • Creme - Beaten by Josh
  • GoFo - Also Beaten by Josh
  • Kris - Shot Repeatedly
  • Nick - Suicided.

After this, he has learned not to use it willy-nilly. Though he did use it on Shiek directly afterward...

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