Exhi!e is one of the leading characters of PSWhoa, but because there can only be four characters in a party, he occasionally stays back so Hidden Death is able to get in on the action. He is an Racast, meaning that he is a ranger and also an android. Jordan is the one who created him as a sort of bodyguard, though Exhi!e isn't good at it. He would much rather be distracted by women and is too lazy to be a serious bodyguard. He still freeloads at Jordan's gate house, however. Exhi!e's name is pronounced Exhile, but due to Jordan getting overly angry at the programming feature that was creating him and hitting the wrong button, his name is spelled Exhi!e.

Most times we see Exhi!e, he is usually doing something perverted. Most of the jokes from him are at his perverted antics, especially his Exhi!e's Secret Button, which usually disrobes a character (usually Shiek). However, it is found out that he is just extremely sexist, though his "girlfriend" Amber does not care. Some of Exhi!e's hijinks may have rubbed out on Jordan, as he's been seen tying up and having fun with Shiek in a matter similar to what Exhi!e would do.

Other hobbies of Exhi!e, besides his perverted ones, include creating new machines and gun collecting. His favorite are spreads, as they hit many opponents at once. He wants to get a Snow Queen and other rare equipment. Occasionally, he'll complain about the problems and difficulties of him catching up due to the lack of casting. He also sometimes shots himself in the head as a sort of "Get out of this predicament" or "Forget this ever happened" -type catchall for when he has bad events happen to him.

Looks wise, Exhi!e has been mistaken for a Gilchic. This is because of his metal covering and build, which is very large. Facial-wise, he has V-shaped eyes (only pointed inward), a line mouth with two "fangs" on each side, and a large horn protruding out of his head. Occasionally, it gets broken off, and Exhi!e becomes a much fiercer opponent.

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