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In late 2008 I started a character blog talking about Anime girls that I like or have strong feelings about. Because of this, I am afraid that this wiki has suffered. However, as they ARE creations by me, I'll add them to this wiki. Currently, there have been 443+8 blogs written. The +8 are due to having a special blog every August third due to it being Meganekko day. There were also two bonus guest blogs written for ZettaiRyouiki's Ideal Characters Blog.

Link to the MAL Club to remain up to date.

Original blog (see for additional information).

Year Nine (2016-2017) Edit

After defeating Aldra/Mukuro and her minions, Topaz took some time to rest.

418+ Edit

Example #418: Alien Health Care (Ryouko Mikado)

Example #419: That one Kirby mid-boss (Kogasa Tatara)

Example #420: Blaze it! (Oshizu Murasame)

Example #421: Throw in the Towel! (Zakuro Mitsukai)

Example #422: Spring Meganekko (Koharu Nanakura)

Example #423: Please Blog Her, Topaz-kun! (Otako)

Example #424: Sticks, Stones, and Broken Bones (Botan Kumegawa)

Example #425: One Woman Army (Peko Pekoyama)

Example #426: Romantic Iris (Ayame Seki)

Example #427: Transcendent Cutie (Sakura Hagiwara)

Example #428: Fightin' Angel ♥ (Miu Furinji)

Example #429: Devil in disguise (Teru Hayama)

Example #430: Clumsy Sensei-chan (Yumeko Tachibana)

Example #431: Glasses-On! (bike) Riders! (Yayoi Ichinose)

Example #432: Exercise Coach Meganekko (Yuu Hiraoka)

Example #433: The Scented Wind Across the Earth (Mai Mishou)

Example #434: The Full Moon in the Sky (Saki Hyuuga)

Example #435: Princess of the Twinkling Stars (Kirara Amanogawa)

Example #436: My Bummer Story (Pico)

Example #437: Naked Butt Punch! (Akane Isshiki)

Example #438: Chunchunmaru! (Megumin)

Example #439: Strumming the Wild Tune! (Hibiki Houjou)

Example #440: Playing the Graceful Tune! (Kanade Minamino)

Example #441: Motherly Melody of Happiness (Aphrodite)

Example #442: Strumming the Soul's Tune (Eren Kurokawa/Seiren)

Example #443: Playing the Goddess' Tune (Ako Shirabe)

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