In late 2008 I started a character blog talking about Anime girls that I like or have strong feelings about. Because of this, I am afraid that this wiki has suffered. However, as they ARE creations by me, I'll add them to this wiki. Currently, there have been 469+8 blogs written. The +8 are due to having a special blog every August third due to it being Meganekko day. There were also two bonus guest blogs written for ZettaiRyouiki's Ideal Characters Blog.

Link to the MAL Club to remain up to date.

Original blog (see for additional information).

Year two (2009-2010) Edit

The second year, while it started off rocky, was where I started to write better blogs as a whole. Not only did I create an assistant (a tomboy-ish girl from the Touhou universe named "Topaz"), but I also had a plot at one point about a certain girl having her ways with my blog. Speaking of assistance and that story arc, Rika Furude also started to appear as a guest assistant every so often. I also started to take blogs from readers as well, and made extra "bonus blogs" on the yearly anniversary. A late addition this year is ending the boring tradition of having the name of the character being the name of the blog and instead having hints to the character (or red herrings).

53-78 Edit

Example #53 May

Example #54 Carrera

Example #55 Yuuko Amamiya

Example #56 Eve

Example #57 Eve Neuschwanstein

Example #58 Hiyori Tamura

Example #59 Chihaya Ikaruga

Example #60 Nodoka Manabe

Example #61 Nanami Kiri

Example #62 Isumi Saginomiya

♥♥♥Example #63 Sakura Uehara♥♥♥

Example #64 San Seto

Example #65 Dorthy

Example #66 Aoi Oribe

Example #67 Rin Kokonoe

Example #68 Kagami Hiiragi

Example #69 Yoko Littner

Example #70 Tomo

Example #71 Reisen Udogein Inaba

Example #72 Hong Meiling

Example #73 Sakuya Izayoi

Example #74 Patchouli Knowledge..? (Marisa Kirisame}

Example #75 Patchouli Knowledge

Example #76 Nayu Hayama

Example #77 Akeno Shiranui

Example #78 Kuchinashi


Example #79 Mitsune Konno (Kitsune)

Example #80 Hanyuu

Example #81 Maria

Example #82 Ibuki Ikaruga

Example #83 Yuri Nakamura

Example #84 Souseiseki

Example #85 Nagi Sanzenin

Example #86 ....Wriggle? (Terra Branford)

Example #87 Filicia Heideman

Example #XX Arima Senka (Bonus)

Example #88 Sawako Yamanaka

Example #89 Mizuki Himeji

Example #90 Mikuru Asahina

Example #91 Haruhi Suzumiya

Example #91 Haruhi Suzumiya (Tenma Tsukamoto)

Example #91 Haruhi Suzumiya (Akira Takano)

Example #91 Haruhi Suzumiya (Chiharu Shinonome)

Example #91 Haruhi Suzumiya (Ila)

Example #91 Haruhi Suzumiya (Nagi from Kannagi)

Example #97 *Intermission* Area between Dimensions (Kanade (Tenshi) Tachibana)

Example #98 Wriggle Nightbug

Example #99 The STRONGEST BLOG! (Cirno)

Example #100: Super Awesome Topaz Hundredth Blog Special! (Topaz)

Example #101: The Minori faces of Kushieda (Minori Kushieda)

Example #102: The fairly Ami-able Kawashima (Ami Kawashima)

Example #103: TorAdorable (Taiga Aisaka)

Fan Examples 2010 (Rayzor: Kagura from Azumanga Daioh, Noodle, Kyou Fujibayashi. QueenHarlette: Boa Hancock. Josh001: Hinoki Sai, Fuuko Ibuki, Poplar "Popura" Taneshima. ppizzapie: Shizuo Heiwajima

Fan Examples Special! Bonus ppizzapie: Volg Zangief

Example #104: The Fourth Ranger (Yukari Tsukino)

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